Friday, February 01, 2008

I *HEART* my Heart

Today is all about the red.

The American Heart Association deemed Feburary 1st as "Go Red for Women" day in order to bring awareness about the prevelance of heart disease in women and the need to make healthy decisions for one's heart. Although I personally forgot to turn on the alarm last night when crawling into bed, thus missing my 5am workout and not exercising the ol heart this morning, Evelyn and I are both sporting red today to promote women's heart health.

Stop by the website and see if you are doing all you can to maintain a healthy heart. Then throw on a red shirt and have a fabulous Friday!


Wade said...

Where were you when Kelly worked for AHA?

Kelly said...

Look at you! I completely forgot to post this today on my blog. I worked for the AHA for 5+ years and this was my favorite campaign to work on, by far. Kudos to you for getting the word out and going red!