Monday, September 15, 2008

All in a Morning's Work

I believe that if given the proper chance (and free babysitting), the mommies of the world could unite and get quite a few global issues tackled in a single morning. This is because Mommies are excellent at accomplishing many things in a very small amount of time.

Here is a sample of what I accomplished today before 1pm:

*Visit gym. Exercise in order to make any reminders of the fact that my tummy has carried two babies disappear.

*Work on reading site words with three year old at 6:20am per his request

*Drink miraculous thing called coffee, clip coupons

*Wake up sleeping child, load children and husband into car to drive to car dealership in order for husband to pick up rental car because family station wagon is still being worked on (7am)

*Feed children nutritious breakfast of frozen waffles (Whole Wheat!) and blueberries

*Clean kitchen and get presentable for the day while children watch Sesame Street and play grocery store (new favorite game at our house)

*Dress children, including putting shoes on the 16 month old twice because she removed them while I wasn't looking

*Change diaper and remind 3 year old to visit the restroom

*Take children outside to "ride bikes" (AKA ride tricycle and Little Tikes cozy coupe)

*Carry 16 month old, cozy coupe, and sippy cups to safe area on sidewalk due to the fact that our driveway slopes dramatically into the street, thus making it incredibly dangerous to small children and ride-on toys

*Teach 3 year old how to ride his new tricycle while holding 16 month old who is clingy due to the fact men are loudly trimming trees across the street

*Retrieve more toys from the garage at the sweet request of three year old

*Attempt to take pictures of 3 year old riding tricycle and miss the fact that the 16 month old has crashed the Cozy Coupe and is now crying with a bloody lip and chin.

*Make sure no teeth were knocked loose in cozy coupe crash and send three year old inside for a towel.

*Retrieve sidewalk chalk and attempt to draw best recreation of Blue from Blue's Clues. 3 year old is only slightly impressed.

*Haul all ride-on toys, children, chalk, drinks, and camera back into garage.

*Load children into car, secretly throw lovey "RaRa" into wash in hopes of removing blood stain (from earlier busted lip), and head out to the grocery store for allergy medicine (with coupon that makes it almost free!)

*3 year old tells tales of new shopping carts at grocery store (he had spied them over the weekend while there with Dad) and asks if we can use one....I agree before realizing that said grocery carts have TELEVISIONS in them for children (ugh.)

*School myself on how to operate grocery cart/television combo. Select "WonderPets" for children to watch in the 1.2 minutes it is going to take to find and purchase (almost free!) allergy medicine.

*Manage to not run over anyone or any store display while making a very sad attempt at steering grocery cart/television combo.

*Make our purchases, return television on wheels, and leave grocery store; explaining to children that we are not always going to watch television while shopping

*Return home, put away purchases, and set up play mat and cars for children.

*Create a car parade with matchbox cars

*Stop argument over who gets what car

*Cook lunch.

*Set children down at table for is excited to eat the mac and cheese, the other claims he cannot eat a thing. (11:30am)

*Clean pieces of macaroni from 16 month old's hair, attempting to get out the sticky mess without pulling too hard. Wash two sets of hands and faces.

*Change diaper. Send three year old to restroom.

*Retrieve "RaRa" from dryer, notice the blood stain is gone, do small victory dance

*Attempt to create the right mixture of noise machine and ceiling fan to block out the sound of a tree being cut down across the street. Am slightly successful.

*Put 16 month old down for nap.

*Inform 3 year old that attempting to measure his bookshelf is not an option and that he should be getting ready for his nap.

*Read book to 3 year old, put him to bed.

*Issue grave warning to 3 year old that he is to rest and not be looking out his window at the tree being cut down or cars passing by our house

*Eat my lunch while watching television (Shh..don't tell the children) and wonder if Martha Stewart is human or actually a robot.

See? Mommies can get many things done in a morning. Although my morning seemed pretty busy, I am fairly confident millions of other women are doing as much or more with their mornings.

What did you do this morning?



DCVol said...

I don't even remember this that bad?!? Welcome to my insane world....but your morning wore me out just reading about it (and the tv kid-cart BLOWS me away). Also, I LOVE E's haircut and especially love her facial expressions in the first 2 pics~ adorable. That black and white dress of hers is super cute as well and I think it is so sweet that Isaac is so pumped about her walking~ what a supportive sibbling he is!

Kelly said...

Love it. So many days I feel like I don't get anything done, but this is a good reminder that A LOT does get done.

Jami said...

Wow, I am totally amazed by your entries and this was no exception, you are a whirlwind in the morning and I just cringe if Ava wakes up before 7:30 in the morning. Keep these wonderful entries up, I just feel so motivated to get things done. I love E's haircut by all means what salon did you go to, because it looks way more girly than Cool Cuts?


Robin said...

I'm not nearly as productive, let me assure you. Or maybe I just have a really poor memory...because I can hardly remember what we did yesterday. Probably it's a combination of both. :) Regardless, I applaud your accomplishments!!


GPaty said...

ok, seriously. I remember you saying that Tobe goes to work pretty early, but I am needing to have the conversation with you about what time you go to the gym. Cody goes to work at 6am, so that means I would be hitting the gym at 5...and ever since I had Meredith, that has NOT been happening. I have to squeeze in a run sometime in the evening, which I hate. So tell me...what time do YOU go to the gym? If it's 5, I don't want to know. Because that, my friend, would honestly make you superwoman. :)
P.S. What's up with Isaac being up reading sight words at 6:20? I think I would stroke out if my kids got up before the sun rose. I think I'm just super lazy.

Sydni said...

How did you even remember half of that stuff? It seems most of what I do I don't even think about... good job Mom! I loved the 4th picture down of E getting her hair cut!

Kara Alexander said...

Mommies unite!

Jennifer said...

first off......TV in the shopping cart. Are you kidding me?

Okay, reading your day makes me tired but I guess if I typed out my day I'd still be tired too. Guess that's why I'm so very tired!

Today I was actually productive. The biggest things were to sweep and mop tile floors, reorganize our coffee cup/sippy cup cabinet, rearrange closet- bag up clothes and shoes to give away and straighten up remaining shoes, and clear off my bakers rack that became a home for every loose paper in my kitchen.

Whew. I'm off to bed!