Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sights and Sounds Around the Casa

I am not quite sure how it has been four days since my last post. I have been here, the children have been saying adorable things, I have Internet access....but for whatever reason, there has been no blogging. Likely the reason Martha Stewart did not invite me to be a part of her blogging show yesterday (also she likely didn't invite me due to the fact I questioned the extreme length of her home management book).

Because of my lack of blogging this week, here is a brief synopsis of things that have been happening at casa de phillips:

*On Tuesday Isaac shared quite the long story of how he learned in Bible Class that one has to be careful with their Pull-Up (as in disposable underwear for those in the trenches of potty training). Isaac is potty-trained and only wears a pull-up at night, so I am not quite sure where this came from. He spun quite the tale of how one needs to be careful with pull-ups and how one needs to ask for help from every possible family member with this article of clothing. I know from papers sent home he studied Adam and Eve last Sunday....not sure where the pull-up discussion fit into that. At least he took some sort of lesson home with him from Church, even if it has to do with disposable pants.

*The mommy/daughter clothing battles might have possibly begun here at casa de phillips (like the uncertain language there?). Evelyn has a Little Einsteins shirt that was purchased for her to wear to Isaac's birthday. It has become a favorite, referred to as "LaLa" (for Little Einsteins...and this is also what she calls a friend of mine, whose name sounds nothing like "Little Einsteins"). She carried it around the house Sunday afternoon after it came out of the wash and then wore it on Monday. She has asked for it everyday since then. Dressing her is a battle anyway and now she is attempting to pull off the clothes I have dressed her in because they are not "LaLa." I will win this battle.

*To ease her spirit over once again being denied the fact that she could not wear "LaLa" again, Evelyn wore her yellow sunglasses on all our errands yesterday. She attracted a lot of attention in her "shun-shasses" as she calls them.

*Earlier this week, Evelyn discovered a small rag doll that has been sleeping in her crib with her since Christmas. This has been added to her collection of things she must cart around at all times (included in that collection is her blanket "Bea" and her zebra "RaRa"). She refers to this doll as "ChaCha". I have no clue where this name has come from and am starting to wonder if we are going to need to hire a Sherpa to lug all of E's belongings with us wherever we go.

*Last night I walked in Isaac's room to check on him before I went to bed to discover that his pull-up was dirty. He is not fully night-time potty trained, but rarely has anything but a wet pull-up in the morning. I knew he could not sleep with soiled items on his little body, so I attempted to wake him up to change it. He barely stirred. I then took off his PJ pants, changed his pull-up, put on a fresh pull-up, and put his pants back on....and he never woke up. Two days of preschool right in a row is wearing this little boy out!

*Children's artwork is starting to overtake my house. Isaac is quite big into coloring, drawing portraits of the family, and writing his alphabet. This generates A LOT of artwork. Some of it I save in a special folder and some of it is secretly relocated to the trashcan in the garage. Does anyone have a great strategy for saving pieces of artwork? I really cannot let go of some things because they are just too precious (or too good for a kid Isaac's age) but I also cannot afford to rent a storage building to house such projects.

*I have heard rumor that Starbucks has started selling their fall drinks again. I am itching for a Pumpkin Spice Latte. Please let the weather stay under 85 degrees so I don't need to have a portable fan keeping me cool while I sip my hot fall beverage....


Jami said...

Hey girl,

On the artwork, we aren't there yet seeing how Ava would rather eat the crayons and tear the paper - however, I have several friends that put their childrens' artwork on one wall in the garage. The kids get to see it up everytime they pull in and out and no one else has to see how it takes over your house. Pretty cool idea I thought.


Amy said...

I like the garage idea!

We have a medium sterilite clear bin with lid in each kids' closets that I have dubbed the "keepsake box." I usually just date and save "firsts" of a particular artwork or accomplishment and any artwork that documents their hands/ pictures. Masks and other "wearable" art goes in her play bins until utterly destroyed, then gets trashed. For the other stuff I usually ask C if she wants to keep it and she usually says "no." Believe me, I am counting my blessings there!

Amy said...

The rumor is true (I indulged last week) and I too look forward each year to the season of "pumpkin" flavor!

Amy C said...

Sometimes I photograph it, then the special can;)

Shelley said...

Thanks for catching us up! I keep all of my girls artwork in a tub under my bed. I do sort thru it though before it is "special" enough to be kept for forever in the bin.

Mommahen said...

I just read a NEAT idea in family fun for artwork. You basically mat your your work onto a sheet of colored paper then slip it into a sheet protector. Punch three holes in the sides and connect several pieces of work to one another. Punch three holes in the top of each and connect ring clasps to them then slip them onto a dowel. From there you can hang them on the wall or from the ceiling to make your own divider wall. You can add mulitple rows OR change your artwork maybe with the seasons or milestones. I thought it was an inexpensive yet artsy way to display those jewels.

Jennifer Reinsch said...

I, too, and a HUGE fan of the pumpkin spice drink from Starbucks. This is the only time of the year that I frequent Starbucks, but it is totally worth it.