Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Dislike of Change


I hate change. My tendency to be structured, organized, and the need to control just do not mesh well with change.

My husband is the same way, which means we will likely live in the current location of casa de phillips until our children ship us to the nursing home. Hopefully by then we will have at least redone the kitchen floors.

My dislike of change spills over into the retail world when certain items I love are no longer manufactured. Allow me to share a few of these items:

1. Bath and Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom fragrance.
I love this perfume because it is sold at a low price and is great for those days when I want to smell pretty but don't want to use my "fancy" perfume. However, Bath and Body Works is apparently repackaging the entire Japanese Cherry Blossom line and is not restocking this particular sent until late November. I have hit three Bath and Body Works (and called two others) in search of this perfume, with no luck. Would it be odd to order 5 bottles online just so I have a stockpile in case this sent does not become available in stores ever again?

2. Quaker Granola Bites
These little packaged granola treats are a favorite of Isaac and I have been unable to find them in stores anywhere in the past two months. I even have a great coupon for them that is just burning a hole in my coupon organizer! I have emailed the company to inquire as to why I cannot find such wholesome goodness on the shelves of my local grocery store anymore. I will let you know what they say.

3. Starburst Twizzlers
Anyone remember when one could purchase Starburst flavored twizzlers? I am not a huge candy person but I did *heart* me some Starburst twizzlers candy. However, they suddenly stopped producing it a few years ago. My little brother and I did extensive research on the Starburst website to find the answer as to why they discontinued our favorite candy. Seems it wasn't enjoyed by the masses. It also seems that my little brother and I might need to get a hobby.

What is something that you have loved in the past but cannot seem to find in your local mega-mart?


Today as I dressed the kids, Isaac asked if he was wearing a "nice" shirt. I confirmed that indeed he was sporting what one might consider to be a nice shirt and commented on how handsome he looked. He then looked me over closely and said, "You look pretty today, Mommy." (He must like the tank top/jeans/ponytail look)

Stop my beating heart. Had we been within a mile of Target I might have purchased the entire toy department right then and there for such a sweet comment.

He then slapped his too big baseball cap on his head backwards (because apparently Mr. Greg wears his this way although I have never witnessed such a site in the ten years I have known Mr. Greg), handed Evelyn her yellow cat eye sunglasses, and we were off for our play date.

Love those kids and their unique sense of style.


Shelley said...

I loved the granola bites myself and am, too, missing them! My hubby missed Bottle Caps. I can find them occasionally and when I do I stock pile! I think you should buy yourself a year supply of the B&B perfume :)

Kelli said...

Nabisco Swiss Cheese Crackers. I searched them on the internet with the intent to buy a pallet of them, if needed. I was crushed to find they really no longer exist.

Probably better for me though in the long run b/c one taste of those little bites of heaven and the whole box would become a serving size.