Tuesday, September 02, 2008

School Days

In order to avoid any type of laboring yesterday, we took the kids on a field trip to see exactly how donuts are made. We are all about the educational experiences here at casa de phillips.

Phillips' children, meet Krispy Kreme Donuts.It was heaven on earth to Isaac, a true connoisseur of the donut


This morning I loaded the children into the car and off we went towards.....PRESCHOOL!

Yes, Isaac is embarking on his second year of preschool (in a line of many years of preschool ahead since most likely he won't start Kindergarten until he is six due to his August birthday). He was all smiles this morning when I reminded him that today was indeed a school day, exclaiming "That is wonderful!" in regards to my decree.

After feeding kids, dressing kids, packing a lunch for brother and snacks for sister, and rounding up a loved stuffed animal to attend this first day of class (Everyone brings a "friend" from home...Ike was the chose animal from our house), off we went to preschool. Because it was Isaac's day, he chose the music for the morning ride...which was no music at all (We alternate who gets to choose the music each day as another measure to save my sanity. Evelyn always wants "Day" which means the Sesame Street soundtrack. I didn't realize until recently that such parenting tactics would have to be utilized so early on.) Rather we chatted about our surroundings and about what to expect at school.

Because it was the first morning, parents were invited to come inside the building to drop off kids as opposed to the normal car lane drop-off (which I love!). Isaac was a bit apprehensive at first due to the large number of parents milling about, but found his spot and immediately got to work on writing his name.

Here is our boy on his first day of his second year of preschool:

And here are some more....just because I *heart* my kid:

In case one was wondering, the backpack, lunchbox, and sippy cup are ALL Little Einsteins. You're Welcome, Disney Corp.

Lil Sister wanted her picture taken as well this morning.

In the classroom...not too eager for the photo-op with Mommy

In action...with someone's Barney looking on

THIS is what I had the joy of experiencing ALL THE WAY HOME. Yes, E. was not excited about being separated from her brother and voiced such an opinion loudly. Tobe asked if I videoed this (she was screaming "I-sik" repeatedly) to which I asked, "Who would want to ever watch such a spectacle?"

I most likely will get the joy of witnessing this drama two days a week from now until the end of May....

Although Isaac attended school last year, this year is really the first time for E. and me to be able to spend some quality time together two mornings a week (Last year was just one morning a week....and E. napped through the majority of that time).

In order to celebrate our "Girls Only" time, I took Evelyn for a nice lunch at a girly place. It was no Hickory Street Cafe in Abilene, Texas, but there was chicken salad, mini-muffins, and iced tea....all the requirements for a real Girl's Lunch. Evelyn was quite impressed with the fresh flowers on the table and I was happy there was carpeting rather than tile floor covered in soda and ketchup.

Isaac was all smiles when I picked him up, exclaiming that "Miss Ofelia was really nice" and "Ike was a good dog today." He then asked, "Can we pick something up for lunch on the way home?"

Uh, no, son because you just ate lunch at school.

It was a successful day, followed by a long nap, and a tasty snack.

A pretty good day for a three year old and his stuffed dog.


Kelly said...

He looks so cute and grown up! And you're making me crave my absolute favorite...zuchinni bread from Hickory Street. When we go in Oct., I'm buying a hundred loaves to freeze. Yum!

Shanta said...

Happy First Day Isaac! Looks like a great day by all accounts. I'm thinking Miss E will soon come to ADORE having Mommy all to herself!

Robin said...

I SO enjoyed hearing about your first day. Glad Isaac is looking forward to a fun year...I'm sure Evelyn will adjust to her brotherless hours in time. She may even start to enjoy them! In contrast, Ian wasn't upset in the least that his sister was gone...I think he was just annoyed that I took him on so many errands. :)

Blessings on your year,

JanMary said...

Lovely first day write up.

I just blogged about our first day back for my daughters, and my son's first day of Nursery School too.

Jennifer Reinsch said...

Isaac looks so grown up!

Jennifer said...

I understand all too well. I think last year many of the other parents only knew me as "the lady with the screaming kid...." because every single day Cooper would cry the whole way out the door after we dropped H off at preschool. He wanted to stay SO bad. I'd like to say it gets better but for us it never did. He missed him so bad when he was at school. Good luck!

DCVol said...

Adorable first day pics! I think Isaac looks so grown up and Evelyn is just too cute for words.... bless her heart for missing her brother so much.

Anonymous said...

Hooray for back to school!

Lynley, hope you can come on over for the Writer Mama Back-to-School Giveaway and celebrate with us!

Happy autumn!