Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Zen of Cleaning

This afternoon I felt an inner itch to clean my house from top to bottom. I know I have mentioned my cleaning schedule before, and normally I stick to it, but there are times that I feel the need to clean everything at one time. For some reason, this need struck me today.

After a fun playdate (that involved an unfortunate accident between Isaac, the McDonald's playscape, and the Batman helicopter found in Happy Meals...he is okay and we are thankful the blade of the helicopter only cut his cheek and did not pierce it), I brought the children home, tossed them in their beds (gently), and grabbed my cleaning bucket. I spent the next two hours cleaning, scrubbing, putting away odds and ends, and making the house shine.

Within twenty minutes of the children waking, the following had happened:

*A full glass of chocolate milk was spilled on the kitchen floor

*A box of crackers was spilled on the kitchen floor (see a pattern here?)

*A certain three year old decided to "clean" the bathroom mirror with wet wipes, due to the fact he had splattered water on it with his toothbrush earlier that morning (which I had already managed to clean)

* Approximately seven different groups of toys had been excitedly pulled out and then left abandoned around the house by someone in search of something better

*A raisin was smashed into the carpet, leaving behind a mangled piece of beige and brown

Maybe the maid will show up tomorrow to repair the damage...

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