Saturday, September 27, 2008

I'm Outta Here!

This morning I am off for a girls' weekend with my college roomies. The girls pictured below (along with Kara who was not at the wedding this summer where these pictures were taken) lived with me at 1017 Washington Blvd in Abilene. The 1017 days were good ones and I am excited to rehash all of our college tales in the next 36 hours. Everyone is bringing pictures and memorabilia, including our very own Souvenir Box that Alison has kept since college. The Souvenir Box holds all types of treasures and memories, including an unopened box of Shake and Bake that is probably 10 years old at this point. I don't quite recall the story behind the box of pork crusting mix, but I am sure it is hysterical.

These two lovelies are staying behind with their father. They have big plans for a trip to the library, likely a Sonic run or two, and Church on Sunday. I am quite positive they will be okay.
And hopefully they won't take it personally when they hear my tires peel out as Alison and I race out of the driveway.

See you later!


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YAY! Have a fun weekend!

Jennifer Reinsch said...

Have a wonderful trip.