Saturday, September 27, 2008

When Mommy's Away

Hello dear and faithful readers of my mommy’s blog. It has been quite a while since we last spoke. In fact, if you’d like to read my one and only other post, please click here. It's the June 30th, 2006 entry, if my hyperlink doesn't perform as it should.

So, mommy is hanging out with all her old college friends this weekend, which leaves me here with my daddy. For the record, my daddy is rad. I love my mommy more than anything, but some good quality time with the old man is good for the soul, if you know what I mean. He doesn’t sweat things like “rules,” “safety,” and “polite decorum” quite the way mommy does. This makes for a pretty gnarly weekend (in a good way) in mommy’s absence.

I thought I’d share some pics and thoughts from mine and Evelyn’s day hanging with Dad. (Evelyn says “whuttup to my peeps” to all y’all, she just can’t type yet).

These are some pretty nice mood setting shots as the day began. As you can see, I’m stoked about what the day holds. Evelyn’s rockin’ Rocket and ready to roll.

This is the only shot daddy got of us at Southlake Town Square. Poor guy thought he had us all posed with a great backdrop of the fountains, but once he backed up to snap the pic, me and Evelyn made a break for the water. Dad got to Evelyn before she could get far, but I totally hopped the fence and was about three steps from an awesome cannonball into that little pond before daddy cuffed me. That was cool.

After that we headed to the library. I spent some time with my favorite football tome. My fantasy football team is massive this year (thank you Jay Cutler & Marion Barber), but you can never have too much football knowledge. My team name is “Pre-Schoolin’ You”. Cuz I’m only 3 years old and all. After time spent with this book, I’ll be dropping some new and improved pigskin knowledge on my league soon. Watch out!

Evelyn is already determined that she’s gonna make her first $10 by the time she’s 2, so she’s always brushing up on the financial section of the Wall Street Journal at home. She asked for a subscription to Forbes for her first birthday, but it didn’t happen. So she reads the one at the library. Plus, she’s all about always looking fashionable – thus her designer shades.

So, at like number 3 on my list of reasons I love my daddy is that he lets me drive. Only in the city limits and when traffic’s not too bad, but driving nonetheless. He totally made me practice in parking lots first (booooooring), but now I can cruise the streets of the ‘Vine whenever mommy’s not around. It’s a big part of the reason I like “running errands” with daddy.

Nap time was chill, as always. When I got up, Arkansas was already getting rolled up on by Texas. Go Razorbacks, nonetheless. Anyway, this seemed like a great time to introduce my kid sis to the joy that is Big Red. It got her pretty hyped up, but she liked. Oh yeah, the whole ‘swim trunks on my head thing.’ It was my version of a rally cap for the Razorbacks game. It didn’t really work.

Well, thanks for reading. And thanks for reading my mommy’s blog. She loves writing it, but loves your comments even more. She is a beyond excellent mommy – takes great care of us, teaches us something new all the time, is always doing stuff with us and carting us around to cool places and with cool people. We’re all pretty keen on her around here and, as awesome as today was, the three of us will be even happier when she’s back with us. It’s never dull around here, and I wouldn’t trade Mommy for anyone. Even daddy. (though you still rock too, dude!)

Issac (and Evelyn)


The Binkley Family said...

That was perhaps one of the most cleverly written blog entries I have ever seen! Who knew "Isaac" was such a good storyteller like his mommy? Very gifted at his young age!


Kelli said...

Hi Isaac. Let me know when you get behind the wheel, because although I'm sure you're a great driver, I'm not sure I am ready to share the road with you.

Make sure you and your sister stay up all night for your Daddy since he gave you Big Red. :)

Jennifer Reinsch said...

I'm so glad to hear that Daddy is not so hyped up about "safety".

Isaac said...

Did I tell you my Dad gave my chili for dinner? Also, did I tell you that if I should brush my teeth my dad said, "Nah. Just gargle with some soda." He then when back to sipping his 10th beer.