Friday, September 12, 2008

Car Care 101

The husband and I are about to take the phillips family station wagon(*) into the mechanic for a tune-up. Because we are going to be without our main family vehicle for 24 hours, we have moved car seats over to Tobe's car (by "we" I mean "Tobe"). Can I just tell you that our family might be able to end world hunger with the number of goldfish crumbs and lone fruit snacks that were discovered under those car seats?

I attempt to be organized but most days my car is a bit of a disaster. Hair bows usually line the front cup holders, toys are scattered about, and empty boxes of raisins are left discarded by grubby little hands. I ask you, dear readers, how do you organize your main family car? Do you keep toys in your car to entertain the children? Do you allow eating in the car or is that a big "no-no"? Does your car require a Hazmat team to come in order for it to be cleaned?

Any car organization tips would be greatly appreciated!

I do have many pictures to share of E. turning 16 months old yesterday and of the kids all dressed up for our first MOPS meeting of this school year....but the mechanic waits. Also, we are getting E.'s hair cut for the first time this weekend (pray for the poor hair stylist selected to do that job) and are hopefully attending our local festival if Ike allows (pray for the potential victims of Ike. One reader of this blog lives in Ike's path and is 39 weeks pregnant...say big prayers for her!). I assure you there will be a picture post in upcoming days.

Happy Friday!

*We don't really own a station wagon...I just like to say that because it amuses me. Wouldn't it be great if I was scooting around town in one of those big station wagons from the 80's with the back seat that faces backwards? We drive a normal car.


GPaty said...

I wish Cody were here to leave a comment! His family DID have a station wagon growing up and he did have to always ride in the back because his two older sisters always took the middle seat. When he turned 16, he inherited the station wagon as his car to drive, and we have laughed about so many stories that he tells of his days of driving that nightmare. When I joke with him about the girls having to have Civics or Accords or Camrys when they turn 16, he starts reliving the days of the station wagon. He thinks they should drive something just as hideous to make the humble. For their sake, I pray that it's a battle I win.
And yes, I like to put in the budget that I get my suburban DETAILED at the car wash every six months so that we don't completely get carried away by the C*$@ that overtakes it.
Have a great weekend!

Sydni said...

I can't wait to see E's new haircut! The six-cup muffin tin idea is just so smart. Thanks for sharing. I also loved the mommy/daughter pic from a few posts back. I have found that almonds in a baggie work well for S in the car. I love that they have some health value and don't leave stickiness or crumbs to speak of - but S is about three yrs. old... plus, almonds might not appeal to most children?.. We also don't give Sayler toys in the car. We sing, work on memory verses and discuss the world around - oh, and she plays with her sunglasses when she doesn't have them on. It works - but again, she is almost three.