Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Screaming: Day 3 of Preschool

Yes, Evelyn is still quite distraught over her brother exiting the car two days a week for preschool. I imagine dogs in the school's neighborhood are quite distraught as well on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings since E. can scream at such loud decibels that is likely only audible to canines (and mommies).

However, being an only child for seven hours a week might have some perks: Today, in a moment of weakness, I allowed the yellow Little Tikes cozy coupe back inside my home for a few hours.
"Thrilled" does little to describe E.'s reaction to such a treat

E. doesn't realize that the cozy coupe used to live in our living room, occupying the space by the piano, for whenever her big brother might need to take a spin around the house. However, it became a full-time outside toy the day the basketball goal came to live in our living room.
The basketball goal has now found a comfy location in Isaac's room, merely to make room for the *vintage* baby doll cradle and high chair that are currently living in the back part of our family room. It is a constant rotating door of toys that occupy this coveted space, all who eventually get relocated to a spot a tad less high-profile....usually when I reach the point where I feel as if I can no longer stand viewing such a toy 246 times a day.

Here is E. taking her baby....oh so carefully...to her car for a little spin. Unfortunately baby fell through the hole designed for children's feet and was left in E.'s dust. I am almost 90% sure such an occurrence will never take place in real life when E. has children of her own....as long as said children are paying attention.

E. also discovered that Mommy will take an "only child" on an extensive hunt for choo-choo trains and anything resembling a choo-choo train at the slight utterance of the phrase, "More choo-choo peas."

Maybe this school thing won't be so bad for little sister after all....

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Jennifer Reinsch said...

That's a darling picture of you two!

Shelley said...

So cute! I just gave our little red car away. It made me a little sad to realize and admit that my babies had grown out of it!

Amy said...

Adorable! You'll need to direct her back to this post so many years later when she gets annoyed at you for asking her to repeat herself ... for lack of hearing ;)

Sarah said...

She is precious.

Kara Alexander said...

She is soooo cute! If she's anything like Kellee, she'll LOVE it when Isaac leaves the house because then she gets her own way...unless she becomes a middle child. ;)