Monday, September 08, 2008

Product Alert!

Okay, for those of you desiring to have a Household Notebook but prefer someone else to make it rather than yourself....I have found a solution.

MomAgenda has a variety of organizing tools/daily planners for Moms that most likely will fit anyone's needs.

The MomEssentials looks like a good place to store family info and contact information.

The MomAgenda Kitchen Folio is the perfect way to begin a Household Notebook without having to construct one on your own.

Say "Good-bye!" to the boring standard clipboard with this beauty. I use a clipboard when grocery shopping to hold my list...imagine the joy such a design would bring as it stares up from the grocery cart at me!

Long gone are the days of misplaced cell phones, lost baggies of snacks, and stray hair clips when one utilizes these bags.

I just stumbled across MomAgenda today and as you tell, I am in organizing heaven. Hope this helps those of you starting Household Notebooks!

Perhaps now I should surf the web in search of a 12 step program for those obsessed with organizing....

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Phoebe said...

I'm a fan of the MomAgenda planner too. Check eBay for some great deals. I got the Portfolio style planner on there for a fraction of the cost and I love it because I'll be able to just buy a new spiral refill each year for around $20.

And instead of shelling out the big bucks for their clipboard, you can easily make your own. Just wrap a clipboard with some scrapbook paper, decoupage it and finish it off with a ribbon on top. They also make great (and cheap) teacher gifts. It's what I plan on making for my daughter's preschool teachers this year for Christmas.