Sunday, March 08, 2009

And, Good Times Were Had By All

The parental units left our fair city this morning around 10am. We were all a bit sad to see them go after enjoying so many days of fun and adventure with them. After a flat tire and with one parent recovering from a bout with suspected food poisoning from BBQ, I think my mom and dad finally arrived home this evening.

Many things were checked off our "To Do" list in the four days they were visiting casa de phillips.

For example:

Isaac visited the local Bass Pro Shop and tried out every tractor, boat, personal water toy, etc he could find. Tobe and my dad half-heartedly discussed going in together and purchasing a boat (because who doesn't purchase a boat during a recession) but could not decide on the lake where said boat would reside. Fortunately the boys returned home from their outing sans boat.

There was lots and lots of running around outside due to the adoring audience of grandparents being present 24/7.

Evelyn's mother forced her to try on clothes in the middle of The American Girl store in search for potential birthday presents. Sheesh. Someone should really explain social mores to that lady...

Both kids worked their magic on the grandparents, managing to get copious amounts of french fries and ice cream at various meals.

Isaac decided he and Giraffe needed to wear coordinating shirts on Thursday. They also needed to share a cold glass of chocolate milk.

Various parks and play areas were visited.

A "Three Generation" picture was attempted, despite the fact that E. was less than willing to participate and the sun was blinding us with its rays. After the taking of this picture, "the girls" headed out for MOPS and then for our first official "Nanny/Mommy/Daughter" lunch at a refined eatery. Evelyn had the chicken and fries, of course, but we are preparing her palate to one day enjoy the tomato soup and chicken salad combo.

Various other items were crossed off the To-Do list as well, some boring such as "Get the oil changed" or "Have side-swept bangs trimmed" and others a bit more exciting such as "Go to Mall with Mom while children sleep" and "Attend Date Night with Cute Husband."

Good times, friends. Good times.

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DCVol said...

How fun!!! It looks like everyone got some good spoiling....always much needed from the grandparents. And I'm sure your parents loved every sec with those two adorable kiddos.