Monday, March 16, 2009

Hello, Blog....It's Me, Lynley

Thought I might check in briefly before all readership of this blog is lost. For various reasons, my to-do list has seemed to be three miles long lately and quality blogging keeps slipping to the bottom.

Perhaps someday I will have a deeper thought other than, "Look! Here's a picture of my kids!" to share.

Until then, check out a few shots of what I like to call "The 1017 Kids", otherwise known as the children of my college roommates. Saturday evening we hosted a Roomie Reunion here at casa de phillps. We were missing one roomie, who was being all intellectual at a conference in San Francisco, but fun times were enjoyed by all.

Ten years ago "dinner parties" with the roomies would have either involved Bisquick pancake mix (we were big fans of the pancake) or some sort of processed cheese and rotel combo. On Saturday night the fare was not any more gourmet than those college days, but the atmosphere with five little ones running around was quite different.

The kids played quite well together, which is lovely considering they likely will be hanging out at various times for the rest. of. their. lives. ***
The children and I met up with a fellow blogger and ACU alumni today at the mall. Everybody greatly enjoyed themselves. I am contemplating marking today's date on the calendar as the day Isaac and Evelyn greatly enjoyed each other's company with very few screams of "Dats My Toy!" or "Mommy! Evelyn's bothering me!" It was nice.
Hopefully tomorrow will be the sequel...


Shanta said...

I love E's big ole bow!

Sydni said...

Sadly, I never have a deeper thought than 'Hey, look at pictures of my kids'....

Looks like fun times!