Monday, March 30, 2009

And She Will Be Called "Rocket"...

The children here at casa de phillips are pretty hilarious at times.

Lately, their newest "joke" is to switch words around on songs. Isaac was the inventor of this newest craze and Evelyn eagerly jumped on board. The two were about on the verge of hysterical tears (the good kind as opposed to the meltdown kind) yesterday morning at the breakfast table as they attempted to see who could create the newest lyrics to the old standard "Pea-nut, Pea-nut Butter...and Jelly!" song.

(Sorry if you have no clue as to what song I am referencing...guess you'll have to create your own tune)

It seems that Evelyn won the contest on the way home from church yesterday, when she belted out " Pea-nut, Pea-nut Butter...and Jesus!"

I was glad I had the foresight earlier that morning to apply waterproof mascara, because the tears were just rolling down my face from laughing so hard.

Simply because this story really isn't that funny unless you were riding along in the phillips' family station wagon yesterday, I thought a little video of Miss E. would at least make you smile. For someone so delicate looking, that girl is loud. And funny. And Loud.

Oh yeah...and apparently named "Rocket."


Kelly said...

Too cute!

Jennifer Reinsch said...

That is darling!