Tuesday, March 03, 2009

In the Name of Being Transparent...

I am currently in the depth's of Beth Moore's latest bible study, "Esther: It's Hard Being a Woman."

I love me some Beth Moore, partly because she is hilarious, partly because she knows the scripture most likely better than she knows the back of her hand, and partly because she understands the importance of a good teasing comb. Her newest study is excellent and each week I am taking away valuable life lessons.

Today she touched on the importance of being transparent, of allowing your genuine self to shine through in order for God to work in your life. I am many things, but "transparent" really is not a word I would use to describe myself. I am trying to be more of an open book as opposed to a locked safe, but habits die hard.

In the meantime, and in the name of being "transparent", I am going to share just a few more Mommy Confessions...

*The little girl below laid down on a speed bump today in a full-out fit. A speed bump people. A speed bump in the middle of a busy grocery store parking lot. Fortunately I had my arms full of a bag of grocery items, my large purse, a sippy cup, and a stuffed animal, so removing her from the speed bump was quite the easy, enjoyable task.

*Isaac was sent home today from school with his first little reading assignment. To say I am giddy is an understatement. Isaac and I have been dipping our toes into the "Beginning to Read" pond for awhile now, but his teacher has been holding off a bit (she likes to wait until the year before kindergarten...which for Isaac, could be two years away). I am such the nerd that my children's preschool homework makes me oh so happy.

*Lately, Isaac has been asking me what time I go to bed. I know the question soon to follow that inquiry is why there is such a discrepancy between kids bedtimes and parent bedtimes. His inquisitive mind is just a bit much somedays (in a good way). I never really state a specific time when answering his question (he has a clock...so he knows about time), but attempt to skirt the issue best I can...while possibly giving him the impression Tobe and I go to bed mere minutes after he retires for the evening. Little does he know that most evenings we pull out the Wii and enjoy some mature, intellectual rounds of Mario Kart.

*The little girl below had the hardest time sitting politely through Sunday Lunch with her grandparents this past weekend. She and I finally ended up in the car while the others finished their meals. Later that evening when I asked her what her favorite part of the day had been (a standard bathtub question at casa de phillips) she replied, "Eating with Nana/Papa." I might have slightly sarcastically replied, "Really? THAT was your favorite part of the day?"

Bless her heart. I hope the Lord uses all that passion he placed in her little body because it might be the death of me one day.

*I mentioned yesterday the children and I had done a craft involving crayon shavings and a hot iron. I believe I also mentioned that we will not being doing such a craft anytime in the near future. Well, said craft might have "accidentally" found a home in the garbage can this afternoon during naptime...

And the best confession of all...I truly believe that my kids are the most hysterical things around. Sorry, but it is true (Hopefully you feel the same about yours). Yesterday Isaac walked into my bedroom, wearing my tennis shoes and a set of headphones, looking quite discouraged. When asked why he was troubled, he said it was because he was attempting to figure out how to get inside the television set to play with Tigger and Pooh. About ten minutes later, Evelyn raced up to me, baby doll in hand, exclaiming, "My baby eat a chicken leg! My baby eat a chicken leg!"

Seriously, what a riot!

Anyone else feel the need to practice some transparency?


Jordan said...

I bought Phoebe two more pacifiers today at Target. Mere days after her second birthday...but I couldn't handle it anymore. Thanks for creating a safe place for confessions! :)

On another note, you really are my grocery shopping hero. I think that if I lived near a Central Market I wouldn't stand a chance of sticking to the grocery budget. I would blow it all on cheese, bread, and produce.

Thanks for my birthday wish!

Kelly said...

My confession of the day (a repeat from FB): I'm just as happy for my son starting preschool in the fall as I am for the 5 hours I'll have to myself! :)

PS: Isn't the Esther study great? I've done several Beth Moore ones and just can't get over how every week I leave wishing there was even more. Maybe it's just the place in life I'm in right now, but it has been wonderful.