Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Works for Me!: Eternal Spring Flowers

In the early days of Tobe's and my courtship...early, early, days when we were "just friends"...I once told him that I thought fresh flowers were a bit overrated.

Little did I know that he had already planned on delivering six roses to me the next day.

Fortunately, he has not held that comment against me and arrives home from time to time with a bouquet of flowers just for me. Those flowers make my week and I certainly don't find them a bit overrated anymore.

The only problem with fresh flowers is that they must eventually wilt away and then be tossed out in the trash. I try to take great care with my flowers, googling ways to keep them fresh longer and constantly changing the water in the vase. Despite my best efforts, the day always arrives when said flowers must go out with the day's trash.

Always being on the lookout for a fun craft, I decided the children and I needed to make a bouquet of flowers that can reside on our kitchen table through the entire course of spring. This craft involves paint and water, which can be a bit tricky with a three year old and 22 month old (not as tricky as the crayon shavings...which I am still finding on a daily basis), but is quite the enjoyable activity.

Materials needed to make spring flowers include:
*paper coffee filters
*assorted shades of paint, diluted with water (about a 2.1 ratio of water to paint works well)
*medicine droppers

*pipe cleaners Another useful ingredient is two excited children ready to get their craft skills on....

After assembling the paints, the kids simply dropped the diluted paint onto a coffee filter using the medicine dropper. We made a few flowers like this for a bit and then started attempting to make patterns and designs by folding the coffee filter before dropping the colored water onto it. Isaac was pretty impressed by his ability to make a pattern simply by folding a piece of paper.

We made about twenty different "flowers" (the joy of extremely cheap coffee filters) and laid them all out to dry.

After they were all dry, I placed them in groups of three and stuck a green pipe cleaner through the center to serve as a stem.

Viola! Pretty spring flowers for our table that won't wilt anytime soon.

Today was the first day I attempted the small ponytail placed on top of Evelyn's head. I believe this hairstyle is a rite of passage in a toddler girl's life. The bow is a bit severe, but I figure there is no better time for extreme hair accessories than when one is a little girl.


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Anonymous said...

My children would love doing this!! Thanks for sharing!