Thursday, March 05, 2009

The Joy of Grandparents

See these people: They showed up on my doorstep yesterday afternoon and I figured I was either legally or contractually obligated to let them inside.

Truthfully, I am delighted they are here, as are the rest of my family. The kids did not know that Nanny and PopPop were coming for a visit and both screamed (in joy) when the woke from their nap and discovered their grandparents. How much fun is the grandparent/child relationship (even if that whole "free babysitting" thing never came into play...which we are so thankful it does!)? Isaac and Evelyn just adore all four of their grandparents (and all of their great-grandparents). Last night after supper they both ran frantic, hysterical laps around our front sidewalk in pure joy of the fact they had the attention of their beloved Nanny and PopPop.

Because my parents are in town, we have a busy next few days enjoying their company, going on some excursions, attending a MOPS meeting (Isaac and my dad are taking their traditional trek to the Bass Pro Shop during that time), and lots of fun play time. I did not want this ol blog to get neglected in the meantime, nor did I want to be attached to my laptop while my parents are visiting, so I am going to be putting up some "Oldies but Goodies" posts.

Hope you enjoy!


DCVol said...

Have so much fun!!!

Sarah said...

Great pic of your parents...I'm assuming from Andrew's wedding?

BTW - how are the newlyweds?

Robin said...

Enjoy your parents and get in as many "free babysitting" dates as possible. :)


Erika said...

Hope they have a great visit!
Isn't it crazy how just seeing the grandparents can send the children into overdrive?! Sie does the same thing.