Friday, March 27, 2009

Life Lessons

This past week at casa de phillips I had to address a new issue, that of being careful not to have a boastful attitude.

I overhead Isaac bragging to Evelyn one particular morning that he had secured the latest prized toy before she had opportunity to lay hands on it (I do not remember exactly what the prize toy is at the moment over here...likely a discarded rubber band or the coveted empty dried oats container. It is never anything we actually purchased at a store.). I pulled him aside and discussed the importance of having a gracious attitude and of not bragging about things or traits that we may possess and others do not.

Apparently God thought I needed to hear a bit of my own Mommy sermon because He did some instructing to me as well in this area these past few days.

Tuesday mornings are a bit crazed here at casa de phillips, as I rush home from the gym, attempt to cloth myself and two children, whip up a tasty breakfast, pack two backpacks and one lunchbox, grab needed items, and get all three of us out the door on time for preschool and bible study. I thrive on a system and on busy mornings such as Tuesday's, the routine of our morning is what gets us out the door before 10am dressed in something other than pajamas.

On this particular Tuesday, I noticed that we were beating the clock just a bit. Children were getting dressed with minimal complications, breakfast dishes were being stacked neatly into the dishwasher, and my voice had not yet had to resort to "Drill Sargent" levels. I patted myself on the back, secretly praising my obviously fine-tuned Mommy skills. About 15 minutes before time to walk out the door, I happened to glance at my reflection in the mirror.

My make-up-less reflection.

I am a good Southern gal who rarely leaves the house without some make-up on to perk up my features. I was taught a bit of face powder and a touch of lipstick can be a redhead girl's best friend, especially in the pale winter months. Imagine my surprise when I realized that I had somehow skipped the crucial (in my opinion) step of "putting on my face." I hurriedly swept some color on my face and loaded everyone into the car, shaking my head at the arrogance I had displayed not more than a half hour earlier. I said a quick prayer of thankfulness when we arrived at preschool for the very end of the drop-off line.

Today the children and I had to run a quick errand before meeting some friends for lunch. The errand involved three of us making a quick run into a store to pick up a few items. Before we unloaded from the car, I gave the standard "This is the type of behavior expected" bit I typically give before we exit our vehicle. Our excursion through the store was uneventful...peaceful and hassle-free almost...and again I patted my own Mommy back for a job well done.

Twenty minutes later found me with a angry three year old upset about seating arrangements designated at lunch. After one trip to the restroom and some loss of privileges later (his, not mine) we were able to finish our lunch date in semi-normalcy. Again I was a bit quick on the praise of my Mommy abilities.

Good thing we are learning about not being boastful over here at casa de phillips.

What lessons have you learned lately?


The zoo went well yesterday and a post about our adventure should come soon....once I download and edit pictures!

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