Monday, March 09, 2009

"One Pack = One Vaccine"

This morning, Little Miss E. sat her cute little behind on the potty for a good 20 minutes, determined to have success in the bathroom. She has been having some tummy issues lately and has requested use of the facilities quite frequently these past few days. Although she has yet to produce anything in the potty (the hardest hurdle to jump in the potty training race if you ask me), she is focused and making a conscious effort.

As she sat, electronic Elmo potty book in hand (a special privilege only for those sitting on the potty and only on days when Mommy has popped a few Advil beforehand), she sang. She sang the "ABC's", "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star", "Jesus Loves You (Jesus Lobes You/Me as she calls it), and various other tunes. Precious is the singing voice of a little girl unaware of the audience listening in on her private performance.

As I listened to our little girl sing and chat today, secretly praying this trip to the restroom would be successful, I was thankful for such moments of innocence and purity. In many societies, one can gather a group of mothers together, regardless of race or culture or age, toss out a few key phrases such as "Potty Training", "Feeding", and "Sleeping Through the Night" and instant woman bonding begins.

This isn't the case in all of our world. Place another group of mothers together, ones from less industrialized nations, and their common chatter would likely be about survival of their family. There are no worries about how old one's child is before he/she sleeps eight hours at night or if they should bottle feed or breast-feed. They simply are concerned about the survival of the members of their family. Period.

Pampers contacted me recently, asking if I would let the readers of this blog know about their "One Pack = One Vaccine" campaign. It is no secret that we are avid fans of Pampers diapers (especially when purchased with a coupon) and that we strive to have a global view of humanity in the day to day rigors of our life here at casa de phillips. Campaign to help mommies and babies who are struggling for survival? Sign me up.

The "One Pack = One Vaccine" campaign is quite simple. From February 5 through May 1, 2009, when a pack of specially-marked Pampers diapers or wipes are purchased, a life saving vaccine is donated to an area in need. These vaccines are used to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus (MNT), a preventable disease that claims the lives of approximately 128,000 infants and 30,000 mommies in less industrialized nations each year.

Many of you have traveled to other countries and have seen the poverty that strikes particular places in our world. While in Africa, I witnessed a lady giving birth on the side of a busy dirt street, saw a stillborn baby left abandoned on a pile of garbage, and carted around a 9 month old Kenyan baby girl for three weeks and then was heartbroken to leave her with her homeless 14 year old mother when I returned home.

There are some terribly tragic stories out there.

Pampers and UNICEF is attempting to reduce the number of such stories.

To encourage participation in such a vital cause, I am giving away a free pack of Pampers diapers (via redeemable coupon). To enter to win, simply leave me a comment about a funny/horrific/terrifying diaper incident you have experienced as a parent. The winner will be chosen randomly and the coupon will be mailed ASAP. The comments for this post will be closed on Thursday March 12, 2009 at 7pm. The winner will be announced on Friday March 13, 2009.

Pampers is also sending me a couple of these bodysuits:

These are going to be donated to our local pregnancy crisis center, which my MOPS group is supporting this year.

Share your funny story for a chance to win a free pack of diapers. Also, next time you are at the store, Pampers coupon in hand, be sure to pick up one of these speciality marked packages of diapers to help a fellow mommy in this world.



Stephanie said...

I am a Pampers snob! :) Of course we have had plenty of blow-outs with all brands of diapers, I think last Friday after MOPS was my most horrifying. Because it was not my child who had poop smeared up his back at Chick-Fil-A! We debated, do we tell his Mom? Especially since we didn't want him to slide down the same slide our kids were! Thankfully we all left. :)

Jordan said...

We aren't really brand-specific on our diapers. I buy whatever is on sale or I have a coupon for, however, I have bought Pampers (full price) because of this very campaign. I realize they are just trying to get people to buy their diapers, but it's an important cause so I can overlook feeling manipulated. :)

I don't really have any funny diaper stories. Mine are all pretty mundane, run-of-the-mill stories. Then again, maybe I've just blocked them out!

Summer said...

Let me begin by saying that I was on 10 weeks of bed rest with twin boys. A month after my csection I was in desperate need of an adult type outing. My hubby kindly offered to take me to Ft Worth for the day..with twins in tow! He then so kindly offered to take me to Salt Grass Steakhouse. My favorite! The boys were great..until IT happened! The major blow out! In the carseat and all over the the middle of lunch. This was very traumatic for a first time mom. I take car seat, kid, and myself to clean up mess. That only took a good 30 minutes. Get back to table. Said blow out had gone through diaper, clothes, car seat...and ONTO THE BOOTH! I could not believe it. Imagine the wet wipes I used to clean all that up. I had no idea at that time that all that was possible. Now pregnant with 3rd little boy and will know better next time.

Evelyn's Nanny said...

How about the one where the little girl is riding quietly in her carseat, when suddenly a particularly foul odor permeates the car! Mom turns around to see "poop" smeared all over her! Needless to say, many, many wet ones were used at the side of the road, and those were the days of the wet ones that popped up through a little hole in a canister. Took forever.

The Grovers said...

I feel the same way as Jordan in that I don't have any exceptional or horrific poop stories! And, for the record, I am not asking for any! I was a Pampers buyer originally because I have always heard they are the way to go. We use cloth BumGeniuses at home but I have been experimenting with cheaper disposable brands lately for church, the sitter, and when we are out. I have yet to find a brand I like as much as Pampers. I am thinking I am going to have to do the coupon thing from now on!

Paige said...

Funny diaper stories...really where do I start... 3 kids 5 and under...

You are a great blogger (trying to win brownie points!) I love your hair!( Seriously!) Your kids are the cutest! (I'm not kidding!)

GOtta go, an 8 .5 month old's diaper needs a change....fowl odor....need diapers!

Paige said...


Ashley said...

I guess Carley has heard me and Cody talk about name brand vs. generic too much because she told her doll the other day that she was going to the store to get Hambuger Helper and Pampers because they were worth the name. :)