Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Run Like the Wind

Scan the latest headlines on any website's news feed and one will be bombarded with the problems of today. The economy is struggling, the drug lords are fighting, everyone loves and hates the President all at the same time, war is looming in some region while it terrorizes another, droughts plague particular areas while flooding devastates others, their is not nearly enough food in some countries while others are experiencing soaring obesity rates, fingers graze the triggers of nuclear weapons while .

It is enough misery, discontent, and plain ol meanness to make one stay under the bedcovers for the next 57 years.

Before such depressing thoughts weigh your mind down, let me share with you the solution of my children, the way to combat such depression, the way to end tensions with one's enemies, the way to find true inner peace.

Their simple solution is to run.

Run until their legs ache and their lungs burn from shrieking shouts of glee.

Run until the wind has made one's face red and one's arms feel wobbly from pumping along with one's stride.Just think if during the middle of some strategic bail-out plan talks, all the adults in the room paused for a moment, stepped outside, and held relay races for twenty minutes.

Don't you imagine they would all return with lifted spirits and refreshed minds?

Imagine that if during the next Peace Summit all foreign leaders removed their ties or panty hose (cause who really can run in support hose, my friend?) and just darted across some lush green lawn. I think it would be pretty darn hard to consider annihilating one's foreign neighbor after running around wildly with them in the warm sunshine.

Just think, The Cold War could have come to an end much sooner had President Regan and Mr. Gorbachev met at an area park and burnt off some of that excess tension by running side by side in the wind.

Just a thought....


Speaking of running and parks and being outdoors on the 17th of March....note to self to NOT take one's children to a large, busy park on a day that all children happen to be wearing various shades of green.


These two had a major head-on collision as one was running into the kitchen while the other was running out. Tears flowed freely over that impact.

Once emotions had resumed to a more stable level, Isaac decided he need to recuperate in our large overstuffed chair. Being the myna bird that she tends to be around her big brother, Evelyn decided that was just what she needed as well.

Here are brother and sister, recovering from their head trauma this morning:

Attempting to capture this moment of them sitting quietly in one spot, I pulled out the camera. They in turn decided to make their saddest of faces.

If running can't soften the world's heart...these pouty little faces sure can.


Kelly said...

E's face in that last picture is priceless!

Which park is that? My high-energy guy needs some good places to run like the wind himself. That trail looks nice and contained, which is helpful!

Jordan said...

We went to the zoo, where E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E was wearing green. I fully expected the flamingoes to be sporting green bows. But we survived and no one was lost. :)

Erika said...

E looks so grown up in that picture!!

I agree about the running. There is nothing like a good run that makes the body and mind feel good! More people should try it!

Jennifer Reinsch said...

I love that last picture of I and E. It is too darling!