Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bargain Shopping

Yesterday, the children spent all afternoon outside running around the backyard.

As soon as naptime came to an end (the naptime in which Isaac chose to construct a library in his bedroom rather than actually sleeping), they put on their play shoes and scurried out the backdoor. They returned briefly to eat supper and then went back out until called in for bath.

I am trying to make the most of our outdoor time these Spring days, before the temps crawl into the 100's and fun outside is limited to the hours between 7pm and 8am. Last night as I scrubbed the dirt off twenty little toes and twenty little fingers, the kids were all abuzz with talk about the games they had invented outside.

I think most of them had to do with putting as much dirt/grass/sand/wood chips on one's body as possible, but it sounded like great fun.

Some of this great fun is because of a few outside toys that live in the backyard of casa de phillips (the other 78% of the fun is a result of two very active imaginations) We currently own a log cabin, a climber/slide, a sand table, and a wheelbarrow. All of these items (minus the sand table) were purchased from a local lady who resales such outdoor toys in her backyard. Evelyn and I visited this lady just this morning to pick up a folding picnic table (it is going to live in our garage and be pulled out when needed).

The lady shared some events that have happened recently in her life and told me that she is really wanting to sell off her inventory to make some money. I told her I would get the word out about cheap, gently used toys up for sale. Not only does she sale some great outdoor items, she also sells indoor toys as well such as play kitchen (she has about 45 right now), train sets, tons of Little People stuff, and a variety of baby toys. I *heart* a good bargain and this lady's backyard is an excellent place to find one.

Sooooo...if you live in my general area (not just my specific 'burb) and are interested, please email me and I will pass along this lady's contact information. If you have a MOPS group or a Mommy group that would be interested in knowing how to contact her as well, please let me know. I can be contacted via the email address on the left side of this blog or through my personal email address.

Happy Shopping!

**Yeah, these are old pictures but sometimes I have to dig back into the photo archives.


Robin said...

Would love her info...especially if she ever carries wooden versions of some of the items you mentioned!

Thanks so much,

Erika said...

I hate that I live 2 states away!! I've been looking for a good used kitchen. Sounds like you've found quite a little gem there!