Thursday, July 09, 2009

The Amazing Miss E.

Does everyone think their children are simply hilarious?...because mine leave me in stitches most days (except for when they are fighting over a McDonalds Happy Meal toy or seeing who can toss their applesauce-laden spoon the farthest or sleeping and I dare not let my giggles wake them).
Miss E. has been on a roll lately. The most cleaver, absurd, and down-right funny things have been popping out of her mouth.
I walked into the kitchen yesterday morning while the two were eating breakfast. E's eyes brightened and she exclaimed, "Mommy! My tummy is working just right!"
Good to know, daughter. Good. to. know.
During lunch today, she felt the need to count her blueberries. The girl can count to ten, sometimes farther, but still gets numbers jumbled on occasion. The counting today went something like this, "1,2,3,4,5,6,7,9, and 11-teen."
Yep. E. is so smart she coined a new number (11-teen) all by herself.
Finally, this afternoon as we were driving home from the pool (our "home-away-from-home" due to the EXCESSIVE heat here), a little voice yelled from the backseat, "Hey, look, I am a Mommy!"
Want to know what makes one a Mommy, according to Miss E.? Well, fixing a pair of sunglasses firmly atop ones head does.
Such a sweet girl.
Especially when she is sleeping.
What funny things has your kid said lately?
Hopefully, sometime next week I will have some exciting news about where you can read some more of my writing. Stay tuned!

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Allison said...

It's funny this is your topic because I have been thinking the same thing lately...just how stinkin funny my kids are. I really need a handy journal that I can stop and write the little phrases down that they say.

Yesterday I had to run into Sams and had the kids with me. They were doing this promo at Sams for a spa and had a huge poster out with different pictures on it. Hudson runs up to me and says, "Mommy that lady in the picture painted her face white and stuck-ed pickels over her eyes." He just died laughing over it and I did too. Moments like that where you can just stop and laugh with your child is just so precious!