Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Summer School

Someone tell me how this: Turned into this:


Or perhaps how this:

Became this with a blink of the eye:

This morning I packed-up two backpacks, filled up two water bottles, and distributed enough food to feed a small island nation between two lunch boxes (I used to hate parents that packed the entire contents of their pantry into their child's lunch box...until I became that parent.). Isaac was fed, dressed, and standing by the back door by 7:20am this morning, which I believe is a personal record for him (he has been experiencing some "motivation" issues when it comes time to get himself dressed this summer). He was a bit disappointed when I informed him we still had over an hour before we would be leaving for school.

Evelyn requested two ponytails in her hair, "cause that what ewe (you) wear at school." When drop-off time came, both kids practically jumped out of the car and ran into school. Obviously no one was terribly distraught over leaving dear old mom for a few hours. After a few tears (which is odd, because I am not a crier over such things), I managed to get myself together and set out for Starbucks. Apparently everyone loves a free pastry, because lines at two different Starbucks (less than a mile apart) were out the door.

Upon deciding that no one would care to hear a sob story of how I only have four hours of me time before scooping children back-up at preschool and thus needed to cut in said line at Starbucks, I set up shop at another coffee house that was quiet (mainly due to the fact that there were no free pastries being served) and cozy.

Before I knew it, my time was up and my car was once again filled with two happy and tired little preschoolers. I only have this no-child luxury for four more Tuesdays, then we switch into the regular school schedule of the children attending school on different days.

Perhaps someone else will host a free giveaway next week to brighten my child-free Tuesday morning...


DCVol said...

That is so awesome~ they are beyond adorable. And I just love E's little pink polka-dot outfit that she wore for her princess dress up too :).

Jordan said...

I am going to have to stop reading your blog if it keeps giving me anxiety attacks about Aug 24th and Sept. 8th when my own babies head off to their respective schools. :)

What are you going to do with yourself during those free hours?! I want to know EXACTLY how you spend them so I will know what to do come fall.

Your children are beautiful and precious, as usual.