Sunday, July 19, 2009

Link Love

*I have playroom envy of this home and this home. (As does Isaac..who is sitting here while I type this.)
*A great use for cookie dough
*Is it too late for cherry pie??? This one looks heavenly.
*My kids love popcorn and I have finally been able to start eating it again (I worked at a movie theater in high school and burned myself out on popcorn and Care Bear Gummy Bears during that stint). These popcorn activities...especially the drive-in movie...are adorable.
*E. is now the proud owner of this backpack. I think it is beyond tacky, but she loves it. Yesterday she packed it full of play food and had quite the time pretending she was going to school. Let's hope that enthusiasm sticks around. She also picked up this backpack for her big brother (shh..that one is a birthday surprise!).

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