Friday, July 10, 2009

The Battle Wages On

Yesterday a particular cylinder package arrived in the mail.

Enclosed in it's tightly sealed container were the flags below: My mother, always the clever one, decided that Miss E. and Isaac needed their own state flag. In case you have forgotten, E. firmly...FIRMLY...believes she is from the state of Arkansas. However, her brother resides in the state of Texas (and if we drive farther than ten miles from our house, they BOTH question if we are in Oklahoma).

The battle of the states wages on in casa de phillips, now with flags fixed over each child's seat at the table. It drives Isaac nuts when E. insists she lives in Arkansas. Just this morning he attempted to explain to her that she cannot live in a different state than he because they reside in the same house. Her defense? She lives in "Ar-kan-sauce because I a girl. Isaac live in Texas 'cause he a boy."

Her brother simply threw his hands up in defeat.

I, in hopes of ending such a discussion, loaded the children up for a Friday Field Trip. We had originally planned on visiting another location today, but made a last minute change before darting out the door.

For some reason, I thought riding in vintage trolley cars in 104 degree heat sounded like a good idea (said trolley cars were supposed to be air-conditioned. Ours was not...unless one counts the breeze from the interstate as a form of air-conditioning. My children did not.). Despite the triple digit temperatures (which make me still contemplate that move to Vermont), the three of us had quite a lovely time.

E. found a dog to pet.

Isaac chilled out in the shade

We all enjoyed experiencing a bit of Americana (well, perhaps E. did not enjoy it all that much. Apparently the noise "skered" her. Nothing makes a 104 degree day better than a sweaty two year old clinging onto one's chest.)

Even if nothing was learned from our little venture today, we all have a greater appreciation for the air-conditioning in the ol family station wagon.

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