Monday, July 27, 2009

Chances are....

...if I tell my children we can go "bike" riding at the park, it will rain all day for the first time in months.

...if one kid is excited to run an errand, the other kid will act as if he/she has been handed down a prison sentence.

...if I snap a picture of a genuine smile from my child, there will be an iron and ironing board in the background.

...if my two year old refers to the appliance that keeps all food cold as the "Fridge-later", then I will encourage the use of said word until she turns 12.

...if one child is excited about what I cooked for dinner, the other will act as if it is laced with rat poison (it was not, by the way. And it was spaghetti. What kid doesn't like spaghetti?)

...if I pull out the playdoh, at least one child will sit in it and the other will step in it.

...if my husband gets to plan date night, then he will go beyond the average dinner and a movie routine (Can you say "Choose Your Own Adventure" date? Fun times. Post to come).

How would you finish the "Chances are..." phrase?


Smockity Frocks said...

I LOVE smocked dresses on little girls! Do you make your own? I recognize that pattern as a Children's Corner "Bishop".

Phillips Family said...

Oh..I only wish I could make smocked dresses. I bought this one last year at a consignment sale. A lady made me buy it. She said my mother would be mad if I had passed it up :). Fortunately, the lady spoke wise words and we love this dress (especially since I only paid about $12 for it)

kate m. said...

...if Mommy is exhausted and wants a nap, neither child will nap that day.

...if your kids don't like a certain food, my picky child also hates it. (Jackson pretty much hates everything and has only within the past couple months started liking spaghetti).