Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday Link Love

*After the Cinderella incident earlier this summer, anything potentially sticky, waxy, gummy, or melty (Is that a word?) is forbidden from the family station wagon in fears of the hot sun leaving a horrible melted mess. However, I next week I am going to encourage leaving crayons outside (Goodness knows I have plenty) in hopes of them melting and making cool crayon-shapes.

*Is there anything better than the chocolate and peanut butter combo, my friends?

*We *heart* a good homemade fort here at casa de phillips. Simple Mom has outlined exactly how to construct the perfect fort.

*We are counting down the hours until the big 4th birthday here at casa de phillips. Isaac happened to see me reading this blog post and has decided Candy Land will be the theme for next year's party. If we have taught our children nothing, at least they know how to plan ahead.

*Although a weather station at our house during the summer would simply read "hot" and "unbearably hot", I think creating one for children is a great idea.

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