Thursday, July 02, 2009


Childhood wonder is such a blessing to life. I question when exactly it is that the human soul transforms from a being of boundless energy and immense joy to becoming something that is a bit scarred, a bit jaded, and a bit annoyed by the world around them.

The wonder of a child is quite the encouragement when one is deep in the Mommy trenches, allowing me to see past the tantrums (um..have I mentioned that a local police officer stopped to offer help in a parking lot the other day due to a particular two year old's tantrum. I. Could. Have. Died.), the million daily requests, and the constant desire for Goldfish crackers.

This morning as I was about to jump in the shower, Tobe peeked his head into the bathroom and informed me I needed to see Isaac first. As I glanced around the door frame, I got a glimpse of a little blond hair boy grinning from ear to ear, fully dressed (including shoes) in clothes rummaged from his dirty clothes hamper. Despite the fact that the time on the clock read 6:17am, this little boy was beyond proud of the fact that he took the initiative to dress himself on this fine Thursday morning.

After my shower, I quickly discovered that said initiative did not end with a desire to get dressed before the sun came up. No, Isaac had also decided to rearrange his room. His bookshelf was completely repositioned, books were laid out in series (Help us the day the boy understands how to alphabetize...nothing will be safe), and every possible toy was assigned their own little plot of space on his carpet.

Taking a deep breath, I began the tour that Isaac was beyond eager to give. I went through the "shortcut" between the bookshelf and the wall, I visited the new "Isaac library", and I came to understand that all stuffed animals were now requesting to live on the floor as opposed to the bed. I fought my initial urge to sigh over the ginormous mess and instead embraced what Isaac saw: a room filled with endless wonder, possibility, and fun.

What a blessing the spirit of a child is.

What a blessing that Tobe assisted in the cleaning up of such "wonder" later this evening...


Lauren from Indiana said...

My heart needed to know that after the day I had today! Yay Isaac and also Yay Tobe for helping clean up!

Jami said...

Oh, the Phillips never disappoint for entertainment. I also love knowing that I don't have the only two year old that throws tantrums in public places!!!