Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Surprise, Surprise, Tobe!

Today is a very special day, dear readers.

Today, my sweet husband, celebrates a birthday.

Because he does not blog, does not participate in Facebook (except through checking my account on a daily basis), does not twitter, nor partakes in any form of self-promotion...I am using this post to wish him a very happy birthday on this fine summer day.

I tend to do birthday events on a bit of a grand scale (remember Rocket? How about the fact I wore a costume to Evelyn's Second birthday party?) and Tobe's birthday is no exception. For his blog post shout-out (which you are currently case you missed that point due to my rambling), I decided to have the kids perform a little song and dance number.

I think I had visions of the Huxtables and their yearly performance for the grandparents' anniversary. Obviously I did not have the talent coach or the professional child actors when attempting to "teach" my children a few basic moves to go along with a great birthday song.

Check out a YouTube clip of the Huxtables' performance:

(Sorry, embedding of this clip has been disabled. You'll have to check out the clip via the link and then pop back over to my blog)

Check out Isaac and Evelyn's performance:

Want to know the sad thing? This was the fifth or sixth attempted taping of said performance. In one shot, Isaac falls off the fireplace. In another, Evelyn decides to start talking randomly to me about something. In a third, the two begin fighting over whose foot touched the other's toe.

Obviously, this is a video only a Father could love.

Thanks for sticking through it for those of you who don't happen to be Tobe.

Happy Birthday, Tobe! We love you!


Shelley said...

Happy Birthday, Tobe! That was so cute :)

Jennifer Reinsch said...

That was funny! Happy Birthday, Tobe!

Lisa Renee said...

That is way ssweet! In response to your last post, I know what you mean about early! However, my Ty starts kindergarten in a month! CRAZY! We are just getting settled into summer too. Speaking of Christmas... you can purchase any and all decor at Hobby Lobby right now! I always feel sad for Thanksgiving! Its totally overlooked in stores and is my favorite time of year!

Don said...

Happy Birthday, Tobe. I hope you get your annual gift.