Thursday, July 16, 2009

Summer Check-In

Have I mentioned that my children love to argue politely disagree with each other?

This morning's "disagreement" revolved around a discussion about when school starts, where school is located, and what color school is.

Both children's arguments where completely and totally wrong.

Neither child listened to me when I expressed the sentiment that school cannot begin soon enough (although that was the sentiment expressed at 8:01 am this morning, it is not really how I feel...just how I felt at 8:01am this morning).

Such school discussion prompted me into giving a status update of our summer so far.

Our summer schedule looks something like this.

Status of the highlights of the summer:

Fruit of the Spirit Lessons: This summer course is going well and provides for another source of material to use when correcting the children's behavior. The placemats made six weeks ago are beginning to show some wear-and-tear, but all the activities have been enjoyed by the children.

Park Hopping: Once temperatures began hitting above 90 degrees by 9am and reaching triple digits by noon, our park days came to an end. I feel a bit bad about this, but such heat is no friend of mine. I hope to resume our park-hopping once the weather is a bit more bearable.

Pool Time: Although we have been neglecting our local parks, we have been frequent visitors to our community pool. We make at least two treks there a week and the children's swimming skills have greatly improved over the course of the summer.

Friday Field Trips: Our Friday Field Trips have been a highlight of the summer. Although we have not managed to do a field trip each Friday, we have managed to get quite a few under our belt this summer. I plan to do a summary post (WITH LINKS!) about every destination we hit. I think this experience might carry over into the Fall.

Library Story Time: We have made it to story time on a few occasions. However, the children greatly prefer hitting up the library on off-hours so they have full reign of the computers, the reading bathtub, and the Vulture puppet (the library has a set of ABC puppets with a puppet to represent each letter of the alphabet. E. has a strange attachment to the Vulture. God bless the child who might get to said Vulture before Miss E.).

School: Tobe and I made the decision to put the children in the Mother's Day Out program at their preschool for the remainder of the summer. They will just attend one morning a week for five the same time. That last part is the most important part of the whole deal. Once school begins, the children won't attend preschool on the same day. However, for five weeks they will both be in school at the same time. I don't know what I will do with those quiet, productive 25 hours I will have all to myself.

That is a synopsis of our summer so far. Although if you happen to ask our children, they will likely argue that it is going differently....

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