Tuesday, July 28, 2009

School Supply Mania

Over the weekend, the husband and I were able to spend some alone time with each other minus the children. Want to know what two slightly-nerdy people do when given some child-free hours to spend? Set out for Target and admire the school supplies section.

Although we had popped through our favorite retail store for some other items, we could not pass up a trip down the school supply aisles. We admired the packs of crayons, shared memories of school supplies of our past (okay, I shared memories and Tobe patiently listened as I recounted the themes of my lunchboxes from 1st to 4th grade.), and realized we were old when we discussed how annoying the Velcro closure on TrapperKeepers must have been to the teachers of the 1980's.

I *heart* school supplies.

As August rapidly approaches and parents rush out with school supply checklist in hand, I ponder what supplies do teachers/parents/children find to be the most necessary. Although elementary schools now publish a specific list of what to purchase, are there any extra supplies that your family picks up before a new school year begins? What supplies do you get for your preschooler?

Leave a comment and let me know what you are purchasing this year before school begins. AND..if you live in my area and would (possibly) like your comment to be featured in an upcoming article, let me know in your comment. (Sorry to have to leave out my non-area people. I do heart you all though.).

I am off to sharpen some pencils and write an apology letter to my third grade teacher for all the times I opened and closed my Lisa Frank "Bubbles" trapper keeper just to make noise....


Smockity Frocks said...

I bought 20 boxes of crayons at Walmart last week! The checker said, "Either you are a teacher or you have a LOT of children!" I told her she was right on both counts.

Are you in the DFW area?

Lauren from Indiana said...

I will be purchasing Bankruptcy and Secured Transactions casebooks before school starts. I miss the time when back to school included colorful and cheerful supplies as opposed to dull casebooks! (And I'm betting you wouldn't be interested in including my school supply list in your story, even if I were really local as opposed to temporarily in exile in Indiana!) Let's see the school supplies when you get Isaac and E ready to go to school!!!!

Jennifer said...

I love school supplies too! I remember arranging and then rearranging my supplies in my pencil box about a hundred times the few days before school started. Unfortunately, now the public schools have a very specific list of what they want and they offer the premade packs from the PTA. When I first heard of this, I thought I'd skip out on that and still let my kids have the shopping experience as we gathered from the list. However, some items on the list are hard to find and I've been told that a few moms went on wild goose chases to get everything and ended up spending more time and money they they hoped to. So, last year we purchased the ready made kit for H's kinder class and already bought for the upcoming first grade year. It's just not as fun anymore for the kids! (or us parents either)