Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Summer Check-In

As we near the half-way point of summer, I just wanted to check in with all of you dear readers and see how summer is going for each and every one of you. Anyone already resentful of the 109 degree weather? Anyone's hair turning green due to the large amount of time spent in pool water? Anyone's hips just a bit wider from consuming a tad too much of summertime ice cream?

Or is it just me answering "Yes" to all of the above questions?

I posted my summer schedule at the beginning of June and have stayed relatively true to it these past six weeks. I am anxious to share what is working this summer for us...and what isn't...but even more anxious to hear what kind of fun everyone else is having during this festive, hot season.

Please share something that has been really fun for your family to do this summer or some sort of terrible summer mishap that seemed like a good idea at first (perhaps taking an unairconditioned trolley ride in triple digit heat) but turned out to be the exact opposite. I want to hear from YOU!

Share freely and I will be back with a mini-recap of the first part of our summer later today.


Jami said...

Maybe being pregnant wasn't the best idea for this summer heat. I will have to honestly admit we don't do a whole lot that requires us to be outside during the hours of 11-7 unless we are swimming and with the dark hair no problems of green hair but I have seen plenty of it!!!

Shelley said...

Well, Our Abbey has had a tad of the green hair and I am too strongly disliking the heat! Honduras has been the BEST so far this summer... As for the bad, I would have to say it is my crazy ideas of repainting and rearranging furniture! Its been a summer to remember though :)

Don said...

The 8:00 am swim lessons are a test of patience every morning.

summer said...

We are in and out of town too much to stick to a great weekly schedule, but we're having fun nonetheless! Some highlights have been 2 weeks of swimming lessons, a trip to Water Zone in Rowlett, a chuckwagon dinner and show at Ball Ranch, Bibletimes Marketplace at church, visits to the Grace Museum.

The summer is flying! Just trying to enjoy the last half without completely melting!

Amy said...

We've had a similar summer, though not nearly as hot! We've gone to the farmer's market, ridden the trolley, attended events at the library, enjoyed the local waterpark, and traveled to visit family. Overall, it's been a fun summer:-)