Friday, February 15, 2008

The Day After

Yesterday was a nice Valentine's Day which we had the "joy" of beginning at 4am when Isaac came into our room and exclaimed, "Good Morning!" Unfortunately he has learned how to crawl out of his big boy bed, open his door, and roam the house. Ugh. Sleep is starting to become a rare comidity around here. Despite weather predictions of extreme rain and cold temperatures, we are setting out today in search of a large clock and stickers to keep this fiesty two year old in bed until a decent hour. Otherwise I might relocate to the log cabin in the backyard.

The husband arrived home from work bearing flowers, beverages, and a movie (The I have been wanting to see for quite the while). And he will still do the laundry this Sunday....what an excellent husband I have. I cooked a nice dinner, which the four of us enjoyed together. We got quite the laugh over how long Isaac felt the need to chew each piece of steak for minutes on end,despite it being quite tender and juicy. When Tobe asked Isaac how his steak was, he replied: "It's not steak, Daddy. It is meat." Duh.

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Kelli said...

Ethan calls everything meat too. It's quite funny. Except pork chops- that's chicken to him.

You're probably already going this way with the clock, but when Matthew started getting up early, I got him a clock and told him which numbers to look for and where they had to be before he could get up. It worked pretty well for the most part.