Friday, February 08, 2008


I adore Friday afternoons and early evening. It is a time filled with such promise: the work week is coming to a close and the weekend looms ahead. People seem to be happier, with a slight bounce in their step as they anticipate the next two days and what lays in store for them.

I hope your Friday afternoon holds such joy, not necessary because of some big plans or exciting event. I pray that the Lord blesses you with joy, regardless of circimstance and situation. Lately there has been such sorrow and grief in lives of close friends....not just one or two, but many. Ugh. My heart is beyond heavy for these dear souls.

Below is a quote that has been one of my favorites for many years. It provides a sense of peace for me when everything seems a tad burdensome.

"Have courage for the great sorrow of life and patience for the small one. When you have laboriously accomplished your daily task, go to sleep in peace. God is awake."

Have a blessed weekend.

I know I mentioned the Kenya post would happen this week. I have been working on another article all week in my spare time and the Kenya thing just did not happen. Also, it might have to be a 2 or 3 parter because I actually have a partial manuscript I wrote upon my return from Africa that I am pulling my post from. The post will come, because I now feel inspired to share the message, it just might be a few weeks.
Also, I promise some more pictures of I. and E. in the near future because I know that is why the majority of readers check this blog.


Sydni said...

Sadly, we too have friends carrying heavy, heavy burdens.

AND, thanks for the reminder, but Fridays for us ('til we can get rid of tax season) do not hold any promise of anything except anther long day of work at the office for Clint. He never complains.

Shelley said...

Hey... thanks for the great saying. It seems it is "the time or season" for burdens. Each one of us carries some burdens of our own and then because of our love and devotion to others we gladly carry their burdens too. Thankfully we know that God is always awake and always knows! Happy Weekend.

I am like your fellow reader, Sydni, no rest during tax season...oh well, somebody has to LOVE taxes... glad its my hubby!!

Ashley said...

Man, I needed that quote. Thanks!