Sunday, February 17, 2008

Weekend Wrap-Up

This weekend was all about our little family o' four. Tobe and I are actually hopping on a plane early Friday morning, heading off to Florida (We live a Fab life here at casa de phillips, jet setting to such tropical locations...we are actually attending a wedding, but are calling it a mini-vacation simply because we don't get out very much these days), so we wanted to have some quality family time before flying off into the sunset.

What did this quality family time consist of, you ask? Organizing closets. I know that my family was ecstatic when I announced as we dined on chocolate chip pancakes Saturday morning that we were going to completely reorganize the children's closets that day. I am sure the neighbors heard the loud shouts of joy about this project. However, closets have now been sorted, outgrown clothing tucked away (which always slightly depresses me....shouldn't E. still be wearing size 3 month clothing as opposed to the 12-18 month things I am currently putting on her?), toys re-distributed, and order established. The only problem with organizing Isaac and Evelyn's closets is that they immediately want to take all the toys from their new home and play with them. The nerve of those children.

Other family activities included two successful dining out experiences (one in which I decided a local restaurant has the best chips and salsa EVER. A brave declaration, but one I am willing to stand by), a grocery shopping extravaganza, movies viewed after the children's bedtime, a girls-only excursion in search of party duds for my upcoming weekend away, repeatedly putting Isaac back into his big boy bed (problem now solved...for the time being... after I made the fierce proclamation that his basketball goal would be placed back into the garage should he chose to not stay in bed), and an excursion to the used book store to sell some old books and search for some new lovelies to read.

All in all, we had a great weekend.

What about you?

(One thing I meant to do this weekend and never did was research why I can post my blog in over 40 random languages but not run a simple spell check! Blogger, that makes very little sense to me!)


Sydni said...

Maybe you could write and get a book published, like my other friend! I thought of you right away when I found out about her book.

It seems to me that you get to do lots of fun things (flying and trips), but maybe that's because we're in the midst of tax season here... ;) sigh.

Jennifer said...

my spell checker has not been working either!

I went to a movie on Friday night with my sister and mom- to see Fools Gold. On Sat night we had a date night- went to see "Definitely, Maybe" and ate at Carrabas without kids!! It was awesome. They both slept over at grandparents house so we had a night of no kids waking us up. Whoo-Hoo!!

margk said...

I am sorry to hear that no one warned you of pre-school V-day parties. I was also surprised at the loot bag Patrick carted home that first year. One year he actually got handmade Valentine soaps!

Have you had Planet Burrito's chips and queso? Very, very good.

Isaac & Evelyn are precious as usual. Have funn in Florida!

margk said...
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Kelly said...

You must reveal where these chips & salsa are from. I'm always looking for new ones to be addicted to. :)

I just posted our little weekend wrap-up, which included Sing Song. You should be quite proud of your Kojies.

Amy said...

Wouldn't you be flying away from the sunset? ;) Have a wonderful time in FL. I look forward to hearing about the experience. Are you heading to South Fl, Central FL, or Southern Alabama?

The Binkley Family said...

I have had the same problem with spell check. It is more work, but for the meantime, I cut and paste my entry into Word and run my spell check in there.

Shelley said...

hey... you wouldn't want to drive south and help me with my kiddos' closets???

Amy said...

I am with you on the spell check thing. You cannot tell me blogger hasn't a single person to be working on it!! It's making me crazy! Also, please stop in Texas to reorganize my children's closets on your way to Florida! I know it would be a little out of your way, but I will take you out to dinner for an AWESOME basket of chips and hot sauce here in the big C! And last, oh, how I am jealous of your trip to Florida!!