Monday, February 18, 2008

Procrastination Basics

In college when I needed to procrastinate, I would gather the roomies and we would make a run to Whataburger for taquitos.

In case you do not live in Texas, then you would not know that taquitos are only sold from 11pm to 11am. Therefore all taquito runs were made after the clock hit 11:00pm. It still amazes me that I used to be awake at 11pm and somehow had the metabolism to eat a large burrito stuffed with bacon, cheese, and eggs at such an unheard of hour.

My college years are long-gone, however I am currently taking an online course. An online course with homework....just the notion of saying "I have to do my homework" makes me giggle and almost think I am 22 again. Tonight as I sat down to finish my homework for this week, I felt those procrastination pangs stirring within. Because it is still hours away from official taquito selling time and Tobe is off at the gym, I have found myself blogging rather than working.

In hopes of being a good procrastinator this evening (as opposed to a good student), here are some random tidbits to share:

*Today as we pulled into our driveway, Isaac informed me, "I not like our house. Our house is too long. I like that house (pointing to the house across the street)." Realizing that he was just wanting to be oppositional for the sake of being oppositional (Hello, age two!), I politely told him he was more than welcome to live at the house he liked better but we would sure miss him at casa de phillips. I refrained from pointing out the fact that the house he considered better (AKA shorter???) was the same exact floorplan as our own.

*While purchasing my dearly loved Pro-Active solution today, the salesperson inquired if both Isaac and Evelyn were mine. She then went on to say they look nothing alike and did not look like me. How does one expect me to answer that? I guess it is a change from hearing the twins question (which Tobe was fortunate enough to be asked the other day), for which I am thankful.

*Evelyn seems to have two volumes....sweet, soft chatter to herself and amazingly loud preaching. The amazingly loud preaching is what we seem to hear more of these days. Perhaps this is God's way of preparing us for all those slumber parties that lurk in our future?

*Kelly over at 30...Really? posted a video about our alma mater's yearly event known as Sing Song (If you didn't attend a private Christian university, this is going to seem like the most bizarre thing ever). This posting prompted Tobe and me to spend thirty minutes on YouTube this evening (while the children ransacked our room) looking at random videos made by ACU students. It was then I realized the kids in those videos were in elementary school when I was at that stage in my college career. Elementary school!! Seriously, was college not just yesterday? This video watching encouraged a "Let's retell all the same college stories to each other, despite the fact that we were both there together and we have both heard the same stories 231 times." session. This game never gets old with Tobe and me. Our children will quickly learn to hate these times. The sad part is that we plan to hunt down more videos once he returns from the gym and I finish my homework.

Speaking of homework, I must get back to that.

While I get back to the grind (and watch the clock to see if 11pm is anywhere close to approaching), enjoy this latest video of Isaac sharing his new obsession....the story of Noah and the houseboat (our main bible story book calls it a houseboat....guess it sounded a bit more glamorous than "ark")

(Also, see if you can catch the part in the video where Evelyn falls out of the chair. Fortunately I was sitting right there and caught her...without having to stop video taping)


Sydni said...

What online course are you taking?

The video is GREAT! You have such talent to catch E w/out missing a step in the video taking process. Did she fall out of the chair only once?

Phillips Family said...

I am taking a writing course...I will link the info on my sidebar when I complete it in six weeks!

E. did indeed fall out time it was more like me pulling her down while she started to fall. Fortunately the girl seems to be made of some pretty tough stuff.

Kelly said...

I had a wave of flashbacks this weekend when we drove by the Whataburger that my roommates and I frequented. Oh happy day when the taquitos went on sale 2 for 99 cents! I cringe to think of that now...straight to the hips!

JenniferReinsch said...

You know, an earlier edition of the Baby Bible that Isaac is holding referred to the Sea of Galilee as "Lake Galilee". It always made me think of Lake of the Pines.

Amy said...

Now those are some sweet little children. I, too, miss the days when Whataburger trips were not filled with guilt! Precious video! Have a great day!

JanMary said...

Lovely to see your kids. Good catching and impressive bible knowledge. Great to hear your accents too.

I did a short video clip of my 3 on my last blog post, so you can hear our accents if you wish. I however did not have to catch any falling children!