Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Things I Learned Today

I recently read somewhere that one should write down something he/she learned that day. Due to the frenzied state of my brain caused by raising two small children, I do not quite remember why one should be writing down something learned that day....just that one should.

Therefore, I share with you a few things I learned today:

**When your child finally gains the confidence to crawl over the rails of his bed (his big boy bed is a cargo style bed with four rails), he will sneak up behind you at 6:15am while you are enjoying your quiet time and say, "Good Morning, Mommy". This will scare you silly, causing you to almost spill your coffee on the computer keyboard.

**When the toddler asks repeatedly to "watch Monster Treat on 'puter" you will finally come to realize ten minutes later that he wants to play Sesame Street games on the computer. This realization only comes after a painful ten minutes spent with the toddler carefully repeating the above statement, being sure to enunciate each word. You will only stare blankely at his sweet little face and continue to say, "I am sorry, I don't understand what you want." until the lightbulb comes on in your head.
**If you hear your toddler offering your baby "bubble juice" while in the bathtub, you will look up in time to see the toddler pouring large amounts of bubbly bath water into the baby's mouth.

**The toddler and the baby will join forces and start a revolution at Sonic. They will each cry loudly the entire way home due to the fact neither one of them gets to take possession of the straw Mean Mommy took away. Unfortunately, this was the day you chose to walk to Sonic and the crying jags are shared with many, many others blessed to be driving by at that time.

**Upon answering the question, "How far apart are your children?" you will then be bombarded with such intrusive questions as, "You didn't plan that, did you?" and "Where you just horrified when you found out you were pregnant again?" Such questions come from a perfect stranger you just met by the swings at the park 32 seconds pior to this interrogation.

**People will still ask, "Are they twins?"

(Ugh, still no spell check!!)


Sydni said...

They look like twins to me! NOT AT ALL!!! Some people just really amaze me....

We give Sayler food rewards only for bathroom related successes, too.

Shelley said...

I love the whole twins thing! I get it all the time with my younges two... Some people are not afraid to ask ANYTHING!

Amy said...

I get the twin thing with my oldest two, who are 18 months apart, and my youngest two, which are 16 months apart. My oldest 2 do look like twins, in size and looks. My youngest 2, not so much!! Your twins sure are cute!!HEHE!