Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day (AKA "The Most Original Post Title Ever!")

Despite being in a slight drug stupor, Isaac exited preschool yesterday proudly clutching his very first sack of Valentines. Had I thought in advance, I might have thrown a camera in the car to capture such an event on film. I think the sweet image will be burned into my brain for years to come regardless.

My blonde hair boy climbed into the car, sharing all sorts of details about parties, cookies (by far, the highlight of his day), and who remembered to wear the color of the month. I stored the precious sack of valentines in the front seat on our trip home to prevent them from becoming scattered all over the back and to stop a potential brother/sister fight before it could actually begin. Once we pulled into casa de phillips, Isaac raced inside with his precious white sack, eager to see its contents.
And what contents they were, my friend.

The monthly newsletter his preschool sends home instructed parents to send Valentine's cards for the party, asking they simply be signed with the child's name. Easy enough. I fought the desire to become the over-achieving mom who "assists" her child in making elaborate Valentines and went for the $1.49 box of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse V-day cards. I figured two year olds would much rather look at a picture of Goofy than at some card I hand-stamped and embossed with gold foil. Earlier this week, Isaac and I wrote his name on each card, tucked in a silly heart sticker with crazy eyes, and bagged them up to be sent to school.

Apparently this is not what some of the other children's parents did.

Despite the fact that Isaac attends a very normal, laid back preschool....Inside his white sack there were Valentines with large treat bags, Valentines with FULL-SIZED candy attached, Valentines with a variety of temporary tattoos. I am sure our googly-eyed heart stickers felt a bit incompetent compared to the large bag of Skittles the Dora Valentine was sporting. I knew the competitive world of parenting can get a bit fierce, I just didn't know it would start in the two year old preschool class.

All that being said, let me wish all you readers a Happy Valentine's Day!

I am not big on this specific holiday. It seems a bit contrived, I just recovered from my Christmas shopping, and it can really leave some people feeling neglected and lonely. Tobe and I have never done an over-the-top Valentine's celebration. Usually we eat a nice meal at home and hang-out....mainly because I like to cook and he likes to eat.

On this national day (Has Hallmark made it international yet?) devoted to the one you love, I could list 101 things about Tobe that make him the greatest husband ever. But he would totally die of embarrassment and not speak to me for a week.

All I will say is that Tobe has sorted, washed, and folded the laundry every week for almost six years without complaining. That makes my heart a flutter every time.

Happy Valentine's Day, Tobe! I *heart* you!

Happy Valentine's Day to all of you readers! If this holiday is your thing, I hope you get more than a googly eyed heart sticker!

(As I finished typing this, Isaac has been lounging in my bed re-reading all of his valentines. He was carefully studying the Dora card. I told him the monkey's name was "Swiper". He quickly corrected me and then told me every character's name on the card. How does he know this stuff? We have never watched Dora because, frankly, she yells and my nerves can't handle it. I just googled "Who are Dora's friends?" and discovered Isaac indeed knew what he was talking about!)


Sydni said...

Your post made me laugh! We don't get wild and crazy, to be honest, over any holiday really. I think a lot of people do though! :) To each his own.

Sweet pictures!

Amy said...

I really branched out this year and included one little chocolate heart with her Clifford valentines. I learned last year, when I didn't make any cards, that card exchanges actually begin a lot sooner than I expected.

I still don't believe I should waste my child's college fund by buying each classmate an entire bag of candy. Most of it (hopefully) will go in the trash after sampling the delights of the day anyway.

Dora screaming to me is like fingernails on a chalkboard. We do have a few of her books though. It's kinda fun trying to get little C to speak spanish from the book.

Lisa said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you too!

Your little Valentines are just the cutest!

This was my children's first year giving Valentine's (at the parent-tot group party) & I did the same thing you did - Gabrielle picked our "Happy Feet" cards, I signed her name & she put a heart sticker on each one. She was so proud of herself to hand out the cards. However, I felt so "cheap" when I saw the other kids giving out lollipops, candy bars, etc. Man, times have changed since I was in school!

Yeah, Dora's banned in this house too - I just can't stand that show!

Jennifer said...

okay, I'm with you on this one.......I too sent Hudson's Valentine's (he choose Buzby- the Max Lucado cartoon series) and we taped on a heart shaped sucker to each one. I went back and forth on if I should even do candy since kids get so much sugar anyway. I bit the bullet and sent him to school today with him cards. I got home and went through is backpack, only to discover that one mom gave EACH KID a Valentine/Heart Themed MR. POTATO Head......yes, with interchangeable parts and all. And I'm not talking about a miniture one= it was a full sized potato head. What in the world? I felt like the cheapest parent ever.

As for the holiday, we don't go crazy overboard and with 2 small kids we certainly don't fight the crowds and go out. (you can read about my lovely night on my blog) We do plan to go out on Sat though, it just happened to fall around VDay. We just are in need of a date night!

stacey said...

Hi, I am Stacey. I come here from time to time and am friends with Jennifer O and Jennifer H. I just wanted to say that I read the article you wrote for that local magazine. Great job!