Sunday, February 03, 2008

Becoming Eeyore

Today I was a full-fledged Eeyore...grumpy, moody, walking around with my own personal rain cloud above my head.

Bless my family's heart.

Normally I am pretty perky, relatively stable in the emotions department, and can usually find a reason to smile. Today...not so much. Perhaps it was the lack of sleep last night due to my toddler's constant waking with bad dreams, requests for crackers, or pleas to get up and play at 1 am (all caused by his new white noise machine that has a nightlight feature....the nightlight feature has now been banned). Perhaps it was because the toddler and the baby both were up and talking by 6:23am despite the fact that Tobe provided several books for Isaac to read to stay occupied until 7am (normal "get-up" time) and I had turned down the baby monitor to avoid Evelyn's uncanny ability to sound like a drowning cat (Seriously, the girl does not ever really cry....she moans dramatically). Perhaps I was just due for a grumpy day.

Anyway, today I was no-fun Mommy/Wife with my big ol rain cloud and perpetual frown. The husband identified my funk early on and sweetly stayed out of my way, going about his normal tasks of laundry, yard work, helping with the children, and watching football. Isaac finally figured out Mommy needs space when he came to the sad realization that yes, indeed I will lock him out of the bathroom while I am in there, despite his pitiful wailing of "Mommy, I come innnnnnnnnnnnnnn." E. just needs a sippy cup of water and a pot to bang and she is all smiles.

Tomorrow is another day and I bet my rain cloud will have dissipated. Perhaps until then I will find my black umbrella with its sassy polka dots and continue to sit under my big ol cloud. At least I will look chic will moping around.

Lest I start your week off on a grumpy note, here are a few pictures from the weekend to make up for my rain cloud.

Here is how Miss E. looks most on her face, at least one sock missing, and that crazy widow's peak hair going a million directions.
By the way, she is totally getting into playing Little People, which makes me the happiest Mommy.

E. supporting the American Heart Association's "GO RED!" day. This one cracks me up for two reason: 1.It looks like a professional soccer picture (the red bow especially fits considering we live in Texas, a place where no sensible athelitic girl dons a sports uniform without first putting on large head decorations.) and 2. It was totally not posed.This boy turned 2 and 1/2 today. 2 and 1/2....I swear I just brought him home from the hospital last week. The stories I have to share about this mess of little boy are endless. Last week brought some major wind to our area and we lost a small portion to the back part of our fence. Fortunately Tobe's dad is quite the handyman and set about fixing it on Saturday along with Isaac's assistance (and Tobe's.). Isaac loves all things associated with tools and even has his own tool box. Here he is inspecting his level in order to help make sure the fence is even.This little girl does not care for the feel of grass at all (neither did Isaac at this stage). Despite her ability to crawl at a rapid pace and her desire to explore, she stayed parked right on this blanket the entire time we were outside this weekend in fear of having to make physical contact with the grass.

For those of you who have requested to hear more details about my time spent in Africa, never fear a post is in the works. Look for it by mid-week.


Sydni said...

I for one, am glad to know you are human. I had been wondering... thinking you're the happy, wonderful, perfect, wife/mother all the time! Not that I want you to feel bad (ever), but in some small way it makes me feel better. Sorry if this sounds horrible!

Super great/cute pictures!

Erika said...

I hope your rain cloud blew away today!! :)

Jennifer said...

Hope you had a better day today!

We too have the white noise machine from Brookstone and Hudson is scared of the light. He says he doens't want it to "look at him" so we must toss a pair of shorts over it every night to keep it from driving him crazy!