Monday, February 11, 2008

Inside-Outside Day....Part 2

Dear Evelyn,

Today is your very special is YOUR inside-outside day. You have now been in our family for nine months, the same amount of time you were inside my tummy. Sounds a little funny, but these 18 months you have given us more than enough reasons to pause and celebrate. Besides, I am a sap for random holidays and am always looking for an excuse to eat something sweet.

Nine months....before long it is going to seem quite silly to call you "Baby Evelyn" anymore. Although your brother is the one who deemed your offical title to be "Baby Evelyn" I call you by that name more than any other. Despite my refering to you as "baby" countless times a day, you strive to be just as big a kid as your brother. Infant toys hold little fascination for you these days. You prefer playing with the Little People, the large dump truck, and my Februray issue of Everyday with Rachel Ray (which you ate a good portion of on Saturday). You are constantly pushing us away when we pick you up to carry you places. You would much rather crawl. Your almond-shaped eyes watch everything brother does and then those little arms eagerly attempt to mimic him.

Speaking of your brother, he is currently your favorite person by far (and you, his). Every morning he is the one who opens the door to your room and the two of you squeal and yell, giddy to be reunited once again after a long night's sleep. Big tears errupt from your eyes when he closes the bathroom door for privacy or on the rare occasions when he wants to play alone in his room. Despite these times, the two of you can be found playing together all over the house, joined together in the same mission to pull out every toy we own.

The part of your personality that is really beginning to shine through is a slight temper when things aren't the way you would prefer. When upset, you will crawl, then stop to burying your sad little face in the carpet, and then continue crawling again. It is a pathetic sight to behold...but one that always makes me giggle because of its level of drama.

You can often be found with one sock missing from a foot and hair that is askew. Your hair and I are going to have a mighty confrontation one day, and let's pray that I win that battle. The widow's peak could be the death of me. Music always gives you a reason to stop any activity and smile. The wind in your face causes a big giggle to explode from your mouth. Daddy says you are going to be our little nature girl with your love for the outdoors, music, and the desire to be barefoot. Time will tell on that one.

Eighteen months ago we were clueless as to what that positive sign on a pregnancy test would bring our little family.

It brought us the most perfect little girl we could have ever imagined.

Happy Nine Months, Baby Evelyn!


Sydni said...

Man, you are SO CLEVER. I never had heard of 'inside-out day' before! It is WONDERFUL!!! But even more wonderful is the little girl whose day it is.

Erika said...

That by far is the sweetest thing I've read in awhile. Happy Inside-Out day Miss E!!

JanMary said...

This will be great to read back, and remember this exciting stage of her development. A lovely idea to record all this on the blog.

Kelly said...

What a sweet post to a sweet little girl!