Friday, February 29, 2008

Leap to It!

I just realized that today was leap day about thirty minutes ago.

Here I have an extra day to my year....24 free hours to accomplish something great and profound. Aren't we all just wanting a bit more time?

So far all I have accomplished with my February 29th is a lot of cleaning up of p**p. Glad I fixed my hair and did the make-up for that today. Seems that Evelyn is intent on having at least one exploding diaper a day while in her crib. Yesterday proved quite comical when I attempted to wash her bumper pad (that had an unfortunate meeting with an exploding diaper). Although Pottery Barn Kids claims the bumper pad can indeed be washed in one's home washing machine, one apparently must own an industrial sized machine to fit the thing in it. The bumper pad, and my laundry room floor, are still in the recovery stage.

Isaac has been sporting big boy und*rwear for two days now and is doing well...until this morning at breakfast when things happened before he could visit the facilities.

At least we have a theme going here.

Despite the p**p issues, I was able to successfully accomplish one of Isaac and Evelyn. Enjoy Isaac singing the ABC's (which he likes to act like he doesn't know, but I know he can identify the whole alphabet) and Evelyn playing a rousing game of Peek-a-Boo


Shelley said...

Somedays I feel the same way (except I am out of the P@@P stage) I get up, fix the hair, put on the makeup and some cute clothes other than the pj bottoms and oversized Tshirt just to clean the floors, scrub the potties, make breakfast, lunch, and dinner... but really, I wouldnt have it any other way. Happy Weekend!

Kelli said...

Have you been to the laundromat close to your house? I have dropped in to clean bedspreads and such and it worked well. However, since Slake has none, and Gvine only has that one and maybe one other, it is pricey! The big washer was $4 a load!!

JenniferReinsch said...

I especially loved Isaac trying to get it on the peek-a-boo.