Thursday, February 07, 2008

Ta Da!

I mentioned here that I have an article coming out in a local publication. If you live near the vicinity of casa de phillips, stop by your local library or grocery store and pick up the Feburary edition of Suburban Parent. You can find my article among its pages.

I was unaware it was coming out this month until a friend (who did not know I wrote the article) emailed yesterday to say she had read it. Of course I ran by the library last night to get a copy (or ten) for myself. When I opened it up to the article, I had that moment of "Is that me in the picture....oh wait, that's not me. " Isn't it odd how at times you do/do not recoginize your own self? Anway, that is NOT my picture above the article, but rather a standard stock photo. However, my picture is tucked safely in the bottom right corner next to my byline (Poor Tobe had to be cropped out of that picture because the magazine requested a headshot, something I do not currently own.)

Happy Reading!

PS. I am planning on overhauling the layout of the blog in the near future and will then have the article, along with some other, posted on the sidebar.


JenniferReinsch said...

you need to invest in some headshots.

Sydni said...

Oh, man. The suspense is killing me. A new layout and the article! It's so exciting and fun.

Kelly said...

How exciting...congratulations!