Thursday, February 28, 2008

I Voted!

Just a friendly reminder to all those readers living in Texas....early voting ends tomorrow! The children and I headed out this morning to cast our ballot. I say "our" because on the way to vote I attempted to explain the whole process to Isaac. I believe he got lost somewhere around the term "Super Delegates"...

Fortunately we vote at our local community center, which also serves as our gym/preschool class location/free play area. Gotta love the multi-purpose center. As I voted, one of the volunteers was quite concerned that Evelyn was going to fall out of the stroller and suffer some sort of traumatic injury. Thus he felt the need to hold onto her...despite my perky claims of how she was strapped in securely and there was safety bar....the entire time I voted. This was not the highlight of E.'s day.

Once my ballot was cast and hopefully the fate of my chosen candidate sealed, we set off for Thursday Preschool Time....also at the community center. The gym is opened each Thursday morning for preschoolers to run, jump, scream, bounce, and burn off kilowatts of energy to ensure a long nap in the afternoon. I would pay good money for such a service, but fortunately it only cost a dollar.

Remember to head out and vote to beat the rush on Tuesday!

**Although Tobe was quite generous and gave his "I voted early!" sticker to Isaac after his own voting on Monday, I selfishly told Isaac my sticker was indeed mine, slapping it on my shirt as he protested such injustice.


Shelley said...

I was an early voter, too! Proud to be an American!!!

Amy said...

When I voted on Super Tuesday, I too had to securely fasten my sticker to my shirt before little C staked claim to it!:) I just read about the Texas Republican crossover to the Democratic primary in an effort to oust Clinton. This is a very interesting primary season! Glad you exercised your right!

And I am glad you are all feeling better:) I hope the grandparents are feeling better now too.