Thursday, February 21, 2008

An Uninvited Guest

(Is this not the cheesiest picture ever? love it!)

Hello, Stomach Bug. Welcome to casa de phillips.

Tuesday morning....early...I walked into the living room on my way to the kitchen to grab a quick bite to eat before setting off for the gym. I had already been up since 4:15 am due to a little girl who wanted to cry rather than sleep. Ah, the glamorous life of Mommyhood.

As I sauntered through the living room, proud of my ability to finally get Evelyn to sleep, I noticed Isaac sitting on the couch. I reminded him it was still "night-night" time and told him his clock did not say "7" yet. As I walked him back to his room, it was then that I noticed it.

"IT" being the fact that Isaac had gotten sick all over our big plush reading chair (simply known as the "rock-rock chair" here at casa de phillips). After some extensive questioning and an explanation of what "throwing-up" means (although Isaac used to throw up quite a bit as a baby, it has been over a year since he has had such an experience), I tucked Isaac back into bed. As I began the task of cleaning the chair, Evelyn started her best impression of wailing like a wet cat. While in her room comforting her, I heard Isaac get sick again.

Apparently his designated "get sick spot" was the rock-rock chair. I suppose the bathroom just seemed uninviting.

Fast-forward to 7:30am....both kids are up, Isaac seems to be back to normal, and the rock-rock chair is drying from a serious cleaning job. I decide that the sickness was the result of sinus drainage and heavy coughing so I give Isaac a small cup of apple juice and a few crackers.

Both of which reappeared 45 minutes later on my kitchen floor.

Hello, Stomach Bug. Don't remember inviting you over.

I have been spared having to deal with a baby and a toddler while one was sick in such a manner until this week. It was quite the Mommy lesson as I attempted to clean up messes, prevent the baby from crawling through the mess, and protect the rock-rock chair from any further mishaps.

After being unable to keep anything at all down for most of the day and a nurse instructing us to take Isaac to the ER for dehydration (which we didn't b/c we felt it was a bit confirmed by our favorite doctor, PopPop), around 6pm we were finally able to keep Pedilyte in his tummy by giving him a tablespoon every 10-15 minutes. The poor boy was so thirsty that he was begging for apple juice and would just cry and plead with us. About broke my heart. Evelyn felt quite neglected and spent the majority of the day tugging on the leg of my yoga pants. Poor girl.

Yesterday Isaac appeared to be on the mend and was able to eat and keep everything in his tummy. He kept pulling up his shirt to inspect his stomach and telling me, "My tummy is all fixed now." The only lingering effects were a slight fever in the morning and he was pretty tired all day. We went for a long walk to air out the germs and Isaac kept nodding off in the stroller....something he hasn't done since he was three months old.

I am kicking Mr. Stomach Bug out today, in hopes that no one else comes down with this nasty virus. The grandparents hit town this morning to watch the children for the weekend and Tobe and I set off for Florida in the morning.

Off to pack a suitcase of sundresses, swimsuits, and books!


Amy said...

I hope you didn't send your uninvited guest to Hortonville! We are all finally on the mend! So sorry your sweetie was sick. Fighting the tummy bug is quiet possibly the most pitifull babies ever look! Poor little guy. Glad he is feeling better and have a GREAT time in Florida!

Kelly said...

Oh no! I hope that is the end of the bug. We became quite the bug experts around here sad to say. Not fun at all!