Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Wedding 411

Despite my best intentions at kicking the Stomach Bug out of casa de phillips, he seems to be a determined pesky guest at our residence.

Evelyn showed signs of Mr. Bug Friday evening (while we were in Florida) and is still struggling with the effects (our washing machine has seen a lot of action the past few days and I don't think I have ever changed her crib sheets quite so much). My mom was hit Saturday night, while I was struck Sunday night. Poor Tobe had his encounter with Mr. Bug last night. I know many of you have been visited...sometimes multiple times...by this uninvited house guest and know our pain.

I am quite seriously contemplating pouring bleach on everything we own to completely annihilate Mr. Stomach Bug and any of his friends who might still be lurking about.

On to wedding talk....

Tobe and I headed out early Friday morning for sunny Sarasota, Florida via Tampa to attend his boss's wedding (she was the beautiful bride). Because we were using Rapid Rewards tickets from Southwest we had to fly into Tampa and drive to Sarasota. We enjoyed reading, napping, talking, and not having to listen to Baby Einstein during our trip. Surprisingly (ha!) we had no issues at airport security and not one passenger gave us the evil eye as we boarded the plane.

The rehearsal dinner was held on the beach at the Ritz Carlton Beach Club. It felt a bit surreal to have been wearing coats on Thursday in Texas and then digging my toes in the sand while I munched on a hamburger Friday night. Fun times.

Saturday morning we headed out to the beach for some exercise and ended up walking up and down it for well over an hour. It was there that I boldly proclaimed us to be "beach people." I firmly believe you are either "beach people" or not "beach people". I could spend all day laying in the sand, reading and napping, and then getting up every so often to play in the surf. I have loved the water since my mom took me to Mommy and me swim lessons at 4 months old (where I slept in her arms peacefully as we floated in the water as the other babies cried) and feel myself gravitate towards it whenever given the chance.

We left the beach to hit the boardwalk area for some serious shopping that involved Tobe buying me a lovely frock at White House, Black Market, one of my favorite stores because everything there truly matches. We met some friends for lunch, then went back to the hotel for a long nap that did not involve the baby monitor buzzing in my ear.

The wedding was Saturday night and was slated to be held in the front yard of John Ringling's mansion (Ringling...as in the circus). However, the weather was not cooperating and somehow the lovely couple was able to get married inside the mansion. This was quite impressive because no one has ever been married inside the mansion and all 150 wedding guests were allowed to squeeze inside for the nuptials (in designated areas only...the mansion now serves as a museum with large sections marked off to preserve the belongings). Only one guest passed out due to standing during the ceremony, but the bride and groom never noticed the commotion while they stated their vows.
The reception was to be held out on the back patio (I am sure it has a more formal title), but due to the fact it was completely paved in marble and quite slick from the rain we were prohibited from going out there (the back of the mansion is what is pictured above). Again, the couple pulled some strings and the reception was relocated to the Ritz Carlton at the last minute. The food was yummy, the music fun, and my date was quite cute. All in all we had a great time.

The children barely seemed phased by our absence. Isaac and my father went to the Bass Pro Shop and I am still hearing about sitting in boats and looking at fish and bears with PopPop. Evelyn was carted around the house on someone's hip most of the time, and now is demanding the same princess-like treatment from her mother. There were no tears, no mentions of "Mommy or Daddy".....just lots of fun with the grandparents. Isaac and Evelyn did welcome us home warmly and both were quite clingy the rest of the day. I loved every minute of it.
This week it is back to the normal life of being a Mommy....no more sand between the toes and nights spent dining at the Ritz. It was good while it lasted....

(Oh glorious day...spell check is working again!!)


Amy said...

The beach is a homecoming that is beyond words for me. I am glad you are "beach people." And what amazing strings were pulled for this wedding! Putting together a reception at the last minute at the Ritz of all places is quite impressive! Definitely outshines my FLC reception:)

Kelly said...

Oh man, do I feel for you guys. Isn't it infuriating when you sanitize everything within reach and the bug still spreads? So sorry. I hope it says its goodbyes soon.

What a fun and fancy weekend in FL!