Sunday, February 10, 2008

Weekend Highlights

*E. ate guacamole for the first time and LOVED it. I see many Mother-Daughter guac and chip/shopping sessions in our near future.

*One of those shopping sessions might happen very soon considering Miss E. is outgrowing 12 month clothing. Seriously, the child is tall.

*Tobe and I had the conversation about cutting E.'s hair more than once. Poor thing was blessed with a widow's peak and a small portion of her bangs are growing faster than that in the widow's peak. It is less than attractive.

*The casa de phillip's playground was finally installed (not a day too late considering our neighborhood park was dismantled...we are hoping they are simply upgrading to new equipment). The grandparents and great-grandparents all gave money at Christmas for Isaac and Evelyn's outdoor fund. After much deliberation and online shopping, I opted to purchase a few Little Tikes items from a lady who refurbishes outdoor equipment (If you live in the DFW area, you need this lady's number). Pictures to come soon.

*Tobe's mom and I drove behind Tobe's dad as he pulled a trailer loaded high with a Little Tikes log cabin behind his SUV....which had a jungle gym tied onto the roof. We giggled the entire time at the sight. Fortunately all pieces arrived at our house safe and sound.

*Isaac has informed us many times, "It is not a house, it is a log cavin."

*After eating a bit too much sugar-laden ice cream this evening, we were "blessed" with the rare hyper side of Isaac. There was much singing of "Jesus loves Me", much running, and much drama.

*I can now add Don Henley's name to my list of "Celebrity Sightings." Tobe and I saw him at a local family resort last night. He was with his children and totally glared at Tobe (when he realized we recognized him) in an attempt for us to not approach him. We kept walking (after a short pause to make sure it was really Don) but I kept wanting to walk past him again, making vague Eagle references. Celebrities love that, right?

What did you do?


Sydni said...


I'm looking forward to the 'log cavin' pics!

Wade said...

Hey L,

I can completely respect that Henley was with his kids and didn't want his family time interrupted . . . but it's too bad that he had to glare at you guys to get his point across.

Had it been me, that probably would have embolden me even more to get a picture of the two of us together - which would have looked hilarious with my giddy smile and his red-faced glare!


Amy said...

Funny "famous person" story :) It's frustrating to me that some celebrities are that way. I think it would have been cool if he had smiled, pointed to his kids and shrugged, then walked off or something. People can figure out "leave me alone" from those cues, too.

We had mass organization day at the Bewley House. I discovered an "Everything Drawer Organizer" at BBB as well as a chic charging station for cell phones and now we have a beautiful junk drawer and a very cool cellphone/pocket change/chapstick drop off area. Life is just a little bit calmer now:)